The average mid-market company uses 17 different cloud applications to run a business. This spurs rapid innovation and quick time to market for many. Unfortunately, however, these standalone apps create havoc with company data.

Since application data is stored in different places, the handoff from one task to the next doesn’t always happen smoothly. Things sometimes feel a little chaotic. The more double entry required, the more miscommunication happens, the more you lose time and money. You could try to solve these problems with complex point-to-point integrations but that failed the last four times you tried it.

Too much data. Too many competing systems of truth.

Which source owns the data? Are you sure? How do you know? Can you trust your data?

That’s why we built Vertify.

Vertify makes connecting apps and data easy. No more headaches. Only cleaner, more actionable data to help you engage with customers, grow more business, and make better decisions.

What makes Vertify different?

While there’s no shortage of integration offerings, managing multiple data sources under one umbrella is easier said than done. However, our unified approach is one of the most effective ways to manage corporate data and ensure that data is relevant for business users and apps.


No two organizations use the same software the same way. So why should you? Don’t be forced to use your data or applications in a canned way. Instead of requiring you to conform your system to the integration, we provide you with full control over how data flows, so the systems adapt to your business. No more “out of the box” integrations that implement a specific process or workflow that may not meet the needs of your company.

Centralized Data

Point to point integrations are often seen as a quick fix solution, but can lead to serious problems, especially when data from one system needs to flow to multiple systems. With Vertify, we’ve eliminated point-to-point integrations. Data changes are collected from each system and moved to multiple systems simultaneously. This eliminates the need to query data multiple times, resulting in faster, more efficient integrations.

State Management

Many integration products are unaware of what has happened previously, which can result in unexpected behavior when integrating two systems, such as creating duplicate records or updating the wrong record. Vertify keeps metadata about every record that it detects, including information such as when the record was detected, created, last modified, where the record exists in other systems, if it has moved successfully, or if it has a problem moving. At any point in time, Vertify knows what data is in sync and what data is not in sync and why.

With Vertify, companies gain the ability to move beyond the previously siloed approach to managing data, ensuring they are prepared to help business users navigate the complex data journey with clarity and concrete business value-driven outcomes.

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