Step 1


This is where it all starts. The intuitive graphical user interface includes everything you need to solve your most complex data management challenges without sacrificing ease of use, speed, and agility.


Connect to any app or data source by using our pre-built or standards-based connectors without writing code.

  • Build powerful integrations and manage application data
  • Connect to any system through REST or SOAP-based APIs
  • Extend connectivity via ODBC, FTP, SMTP, POP3 and more
  • Connect directly to the cloud or on-premise without opening firewall ports
Standardized Communication

Standardize how you communicate with other applications and endpoints.

  • No need to learn how unique APIs work
  • Standardize how to query data from and write data to systems
  • Repeatable process makes it easy to add additional systems in the same exact way
Standardized Data

All objects exposed by connectors are associated with one or more global objects.

  • Know exactly how to align the objects between endpoints
  • Eliminate needing to know the data model of each system being integrated
  • Easily create objects that can be associated with other objects
  • Customize objects to support heavily customized integrations
Standardized Environments

Data movements can be tested in sandbox environments and then promoted to production environments.

  • Easily connect systems and endpoints to move data between environments
  • Test new functionality without disrupting your existing integrations or data movements
Cloud and Ground

Connect directly to cloud or on-premise applications and endpoints.

  • Cloud-based or on-premise, doesn’t matter
  • Agents connect on-premise solutions without having to open any firewall ports
  • The agent installs behind your firewall acting as a proxy to move data in and out
API Transparency

All data is presented in the same exact way, regardless of the apps or endpoints.

  • All integrations are setup identically
  • No need to know anything about the APIs being used to integrate your systems
  • Only need to know what data to move between systems and Vertify does the rest

Step 2


The next step is Move. Vertify allows you to migrate, import, and export data between multiple applications and endpoints, in the cloud or on the ground.


Source data is staged inside the platform, allowing the data to be collected from its source system.

  • Prepare for moving the data to its desired location
  • Take a snapshot of your data from any source
  • Transform data to the correct target format before submitting it to its final destination

Vertify applies merge rules to help eliminate the creation of duplicate records.

  • Use a combination of exact match, fuzzy match, and conditional logic
  • Apply merge rules when seeing records for the first time
  • Automatically re-apply your merging logic to merge with an existing record if a match is found
Delta Movements

Easily collect or upload new and/or existing records from your source data once initial movement is performed.

  • Automatically analyze the data and detect which records have changed
  • Move records and data elements to the same location that they were moved to previously
Automatic Recovery

Track and deliver data to its desired target applications or endpoint.

  • Data movement is not successful until the target system acknowledges delivery receipt.
  • This guarantees that data changes in one system actually make it to its desired target systems
  • If the source or target goes down temporarily, the movement resumes where it left off and delivers the intended source data to its desired target locations once the systems are reconnected
Smart Errors

Intelligent error messages from Vertify or by an external system API like Marketo or NetSuite.

  • Errors are automatically parsed, interpreted, and matched to an article in our knowledge base
  • Automatic redirects providing specific instructions on how to resolve errors
  • Continuously updated knowledge base that make our smart errors even smarter

Divide workload across all available connections to ensure that data moves as quickly as possible.

  • Multi-threading allows you to move large amounts of data at one time
  • Only be limited by how fast you can pull data out of one endpoint and push into another

Step 3


The last step is Manage. At your fingers access gives you everything you need to manage your integrations on any device. Manage your agents, environments, and workspaces from anywhere, all from a single simple solution.

State Management

See how data flows across your organization.

  • Tag metadata about every record
  • Know which data is and isn’t in synch, and why
  • Find out what’s been detected, created, last modified, changed, or exists in other systems
  • Quickly determine if records have successfully moved or not, all from your dashboard
Error Management

Data that cannot be delivered to its desired location is automatically tagged with metadata and flagged.

  • Metadata is made available to the user allowing you to see at any point in time which data is unable to move
  • Quickly take action by fixing the source data itself, changing the transformation logic, or changing the target system’s business rules to accommodate the incoming data
  • Once corrected, data is automatically sent to its desired target location to stay in sync

Scheduling allows users to determine when data is collected and moved between systems.

  • A schedule is a sequence of collect or move tasks that is performed at a specified interval
  • Each schedule can use a specified number of connections to increase bandwidth
  • Schedules can run in near real-time, or batched to run every minute, hour, day, different days of the week, different times of the day, and/or month
  • Multiple schedules can be created to run tasks in parallel
  • Schedules control how and when email alerts are sent to users
Access & Control

Get a complete view of your integrations from any connected device.

  • Accessible on the go for when you need to take it with you
  • Easily invite others to securely collaborate
  • Team and user-based access permissions controls who has access to what and when

Errors are summarized and sent out at a desired interval, which can be different than the scheduled interval, or can be sent upon completion of a schedule.

  • Users are notified immediately if critical errors occur
  • Setup real-time alerts and access a complete audit trail
  • Alerts are published to your dashboard or sent to you via email
Scalable & Secure

Built on the cloud for mega processing power and security only the cloud can provide.

  • 256-bit SSL encryption
  • Isolated workspace partitions
  • Firewall protection
  • Automatic load balancing

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