Launch with confidence.

Nothing is more crucial to getting your sales and marketing software talking than a successful data management strategy. To ensure you’re experiencing value as soon as possible, our Customer Success team leverages their collective knowledge from hundreds of customer launches to get you up and running quickly.

Every new subscription comes with access to our Customer Success team comprising of implementation, training, and support specialists.


Our Implementation Specialists ensures the proper setup and launch of your application data management rollout.


Training is included with every subscription so you and your team can achieve data management bliss. An on-demand training library lets you learn on your own time too.

Account Management

Every subscription comes with a dedicated account manager. You’ll have a direct contact responsible for questions, issues, and requests for expanded services.


Take comfort knowing we’re here supporting you when you need it. In the event of a disruption or stressful moment, our support team is ready to respond.

A proven methodology for your success.

Our 4-step launch process has ensured the success of hundreds of customers.

Step 1


Meet your customer success team. Every launch begins by establishing your criteria for success. We use these initial discussions to map every step of the process.

Step 2


With your launch goals established, our team begins building.

Step 3


Our testing process ensures your application data management strategy works as planned.

Step 4


Your application data management plans becomes reality, helping you realize immediate value from engaging with more customers, growing your business, and making better decisions.

Meet our Customer Success team.

Our team of expert consultants and support specialists help simplify the launch process and teach best practices to unlock the full potential of your application data management strategy.


Matt Thomas

Sr. Implementation Specialist

Matt is a Sr. Implementation Specialist who works directly with our clients to implement and achieve success.  Additionally, he serves as our Solutions Consultant during both pre-sales and client expansion opportunities to ensure our customers are set up for current and future success. Matt brings 5+ years of SaaS project implementation experience to Vertify, and has a proven track record of meeting our clients needs.  Matt is originally from Fort Worth, TX, but calls Austin home.

Miranda Fulenchek

Sr. Implementation Specialist & Solutions Consultant

Miranda is a Sr. Implementation Specialist striving to ensure data is managed and solutions are implemented successfully with ease. Additionally, she serves as our Solutions Consultant during both pre-sales and client expansion opportunities to ensure our customers are initially set up for success, and continue to see maximum results as their business processes change. She has ample project implementation experience, and has a proven track record when it comes to client satisfaction.  Miranda is originally from Sherman, TX.

Brandon Taylor

Implementation Specialist

Brandon is an Implementation Specialist who strives to produce quality deliverables helping our customer win.  He enjoys creating a positive implementation experience by taking the time to fully understand customer goals and processes. Brandon has been involved in building, testing and supporting technical solutions for 4+ years. He is from Southern Louisiana but enjoys everything Austin, TX has to offer.

Markus Van Loan

Senior Support Specialist

Markus Van Loan is a Senior Support Specialist. His main responsibilities are managing our Support Queue and creating content for our Help Center. Markus has a true love for solving complex technical problems and helping resolve issues for our customers. He receives consistent, positive customer feedback for his thorough, timely and well thought out answers to all customer issues that come his way. Markus is originally from California and has a background in IT Consulting and holds 3 current Salesforce certifications. He lives in Round Rock, TX with his wife and 3 kids.

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