Vertify manifesto

I’m Dean Dzurilla.
Co-Founder of Vertify.

We started Vertify because we’re tired of trusting bad data.

Like when our CRM can’t tell us which prospects to chase.

Or when our marketing software says she’s a lead but our ERP insists otherwise.

It’s enough to make our finance folks scream. Except they have a sneaking suspicion their numbers are off too.

Frankly, it stinks.

And we’re partly responsible.

For all the good we did connecting companies in the cloud, we also perpetuated the problem. With so many apps producing so much data, which is telling the truth?

So we built a new company to find out.

The result is Vertify, and this is what we believe:

  1. Data is a company’s biggest asset, but only if it’s true.
  2. Getting at the truth is essential for getting better.
  3. Business teams can have many systems of record, but only one system of truth.

These principles inform everything we do. They help us attract great people who bring our vision to life.

In the coming weeks, you’ll see these beliefs put into action. You can expect a product that improves the way you work by giving you better control of the data flowing throughout your company.

We won’t achieve everything at once. But if you agree it’s time for something better, catch the latest news by following us on Twitter.

Dean Dzurilla
Co-Founder and CEO, Vertify, Inc.