Attention All Marketing Leaders. Vertify’s Automated Reporting was Built to Help Your Teams Win Together!

Do you currently trust campaign to revenue reporting that you are receiving from your team? Do you know how your campaigns or activity types are impacting revenue? Vertify was built for you, the marketing leader. Give your marketing operations or marketing manager the power of automated reporting with Vertify and you will know exactly where to spend and where not to spend your precious marketing dollars.

Automated Reporting Customer: Lindsey Petramala, Digital Marketing Manager, CSC Corptax

This is What Our Customers Are Saying

“Vertify helps us get the most out of Marketo. The power of having Marketo and NetSuite connected has been a game changer. Sales has real-time visibility into customers’ and prospects’ web activities and their responses to marketing campaigns.”

Lindsey Petramala, Senior Manager Digital Marketing | CSC CorpTax

Automated Reporting for CMO & Marketing VP

It is time to trust your integrated marketing plan and teams. Vertify was built to help build trust and that starts with your customer data. With Automated Reporting, Vertify is your teams path to becoming a revenue hero!

  • Receive trustworthy reporting from first touch to last touch, based on science.
  • Understand where to double down and where to pull back by tying your campaigns to actual revenue impact.
  • Promote a better relationship between sales and marketing teams by making sure the best leads are flowing to sales.
  • Budget and forecast with confidence and never walk into a board meeting without defendable data by your side again.

Improve time to revenue by automating the connection and reporting of your teams revenue applications

Trust Your Reporting

Make Marketing the Revenue Hero

Budget With Confidence

Create Efficiencies for Your Team

Revenue Impact Dashboard: Automated Reporting

Giving your teams the tools they need to succeed is half the battle. Give them the most trusted Revenue Operations Intelligence platform on the market to build trust and confidence in the entire revenue process.

Forecast and Budget with Confidence.