EventBrite and Splash: Features and Follow-Through for Successful Event Marketing

Cecile Baltazar

Monday, December 10, 2018

EventBrite and Splash for Successful Event Marketing

EventBrite and Splash for Successful Event Marketing

One of my first jobs out of college was working for a small ad agency as an Event Coordinator for a government account. Our goal: to generate leads for recruitment initiatives at national events. Our method?

Well, this was year 2000. It doesn’t seem that long ago, but my, have things changed over the past couple of decades. Archaic as it may sound, we literally had interested candidates from every corner of the United States complete a tiny card by pencil. Yup, by pencil. From there, we would hand over a bevy of these cards to our client who would then follow up with candidates by phone. Cards and calls that was the extent of the campaign. Thankfully, we fulfilled our mission by collecting as many leads at each event. What they did with those lead cards after the initial call remains a mystery.

Fast forward a couple of decades later.

You now have a slew of tools for various industries that captures customer information indefinitely. This includes specific tools for the ever-expanding sphere of event management. No more losing prospective customers into the black hole of oblivion. In fact, event marketers have become so proficient at what they do that the industry is forecasted to grow annually by 4.8 percent. Surprisingly, the industry contributes more to the North American GDP than movie production, performing, arts, and even air transportation.

More importantly, these event management tools are being integrated with various marketing automation tools to optimize customer engagement. Advanced features in event management tools, like Eventbrite and Splash, are empowering event organizers to improve their customer experience, but it’s the integration of marketing tools that make it easier for them to track potential customers and follow-up on leads.

Connecting Eventbrite or Splash with a Marketing Automation System

Event marketers now recognize the value of the information they collect and most importantly, they’re following through. How? They’re integrating their event management tool with a marketing automation system via a customer data management platform which allows them to communicate with customers smarter, faster, and more consistently. For instance, systems like Eventbrite and Splash can be integrated with various marketing automation systems, like Marketo and Hubspot. This connection allows organizers to facilitate email and mobile marketing campaigns based on customer information, behavior and interests.

A customer will typically set up a marketing campaign within Marketo that allows them to send emails with a registration link to Eventbrite attendees. The tool allows the event marketer to sync custom fields to the lead record. Any changes made to the customer info from the registration link is automatically updated to the Marketo platform. Aside from streamlining data, the integration between the event management tool and marketing automation tool also allows the promoter to:

  • Send smarter, segmented emails before and after the event, or report on opportunities generated from the event.
  • Incorporate event attendance into the scoring model.
  • Add registrants as new prospects, track behavior around events, and assess the cost and returns on event campaigns
  • Nurture leads from events and track which events create customers.

Key Features of Eventbrite and Splash

Event management platforms, like Eventbrite and Splash, are leading the way for the events industry. They continue to evolve with features that allow marketers to track prospective customers, engage more people, and manage audiences more efficiently. What an epic shift from old-school word-of-mouth and one-way communication outlets like newspapers, mail-outs, and flyers! With the dawning of the dot-boom and smartphone era, we now have better access to customer data than ever before. Smart technology is making it much easier and faster to reach potential audiences. What key features are driving this change?

Eventbrite Features (B2C)

Eventbrite Organizer App:  The app provides live reporting of ticket sales, so you can beef up your marketing or adjust pricing as needed. It also has a ticket scanning function to check in guests and track your attendees.

Eventbrite Spectrum: This feature allows event organizers to sync event data with hundreds of applications like Salesforce, Hubspot, Mailchimp and more. The integration automatically copies event registrant information from Eventbrite to the marketing automation tool. Companies use this feature to ultimately follow up on no-shows, understand and engage with registrants, close attendees, and report on the ROI after the event is over.

Facebook Integration: This Add to Facebook tool allows event promoters to integrate an existing Facebook page with Eventbrite to reach more attendees. Marketers that qualify can also sell tickets via Facebook.

Splash Features (B2B)

Check-in App: The app allows event promoters to successfully manage their event with quick guest check-in, easy surveying, and real-time reporting. Customers can also run sweepstakes and contests, receive real-time updating of guest lists and profiles, print customizable badges, and generate reports for stakeholders at any given time.

Integrations: Splash integrates with leading CRM tools, marketing automation tools, and applicant tracking systems. This allows event marketers to connect all their systems and automate their campaigns or workflows.

Reporting & Analytics: This feature allows users to customize dashboards and receive real-time data on how the event is performing. Splash’s Experiential CRM enables customers to identify and segment the most valuable audiences and community members.

How does your CRM or e-commerce application talk to your event management system? Learn how to integrate multiple applications via a customer data management platform. Talk to a Vertify representative for answers to your questions.