Improved Data Quality, Automation, & Better Decision Making

Matt Klepac

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Improve Data Quality, Automation & Decision Making

Organizations are dealing with more data today than yesterday, and it’s growing by the second. The rapid growth of data and the expansion of how that data is used has led to a cluster of confusion for marketers. [87% of marketers agree] (LINK) that data is their company’s most underutilized asset according to Teradata. Marketers are chasing this treasure trove of information, but in many cases, they are simply chasing their tail. Let’s explore why and learn three ways that Vertify can enable marketers and their organization to capitalize on the right data at the right time!


Most organizations have well over 70 different SaaS applications that house a variety customer data.

Think about that for a second. Allow that to process. That’s 70 applications housing a variety of data sets related to an array of customer profiles.

I’m sure you can understand the confusion.

One customer can have a profile that lives in ecommerce systems like Magento, then another customer profile for the same customer lives in the sales system like NetSuite, and yet another profile in the support system like Zendesk. In this very common circumstance, even the best data management process can result in data quality issues.

Quality is king when it comes to the use of data. Marketers must be able to turn corruption into quality if they want to own the customer journey. Vertify, an advanced iPaas solution can help with this. Vertify gives your marketing department a holistic view of the customer. Pushing and pulling quality data from 1st and 3rd party data sources to marketing automation allows marketers to run campaigns more effectively, with fluidity and accuracy, converting more prospects to clients. The Vertify process supplies the marketer with a complete customer profile, not simply a snapshot of a customer’s support or payment history, but an in-depth image of a customer’s journey.


Speed and accuracy are not usually synonymous with one another. Unfortunately, they must be if marketers, more specifically, organizations want to leapfrog the competition. Speed through automation is how you win when it comes to data. Vertify is here to help. Vertify gives the power of near real-time data transfer through automated scheduling. Meaning, Vertify empowers the marketer to automate the movement of their data, even at 2 am when dreaming about their next big Demand Gen strategy. Not only does Vertify enable speed through automation, but it insists on accuracy through a variety of quality checkpoints and error management techniques.

Decision Making

Dysfunctional, decaying data forces executives to make decisions based on bad or incomplete information, or even worse, their gut to make important decisions.

Going with your gut can result in big wins, but it can also result in big losses. The value and motivation behind a data-driven society is to limit the big losses. But, that can only be realized with quality data. Vertify is here to help executives to do better.

With Vertify, compromised decision-making is a thing of the past. Knowing your customer/prospect better than they know themselves is the goal. Vertify will enable you to reach that goal. No more ill-informed budgets. No more chasing the wrong lead. No more out-of-whack quarterly projections. Do better with Vertify.

data quality infographic and data integration ipaas





It’s time to wrangle your data to win with automation, enhance your reporting capabilities, connect with your customer, and nurture your prospects. If you want to be a company that utilizes the benefits of massive amounts of data, look no further than Vertify. If you want to be a company that equips your teams to focus on more time consuming and pressing programs, look no further than Vertify. If you want to enable success and scalable growth across your organization, win with Vertify.