Vertify, the Movement

Matt Klepac

Thursday, March 15, 2018

the vertify movement - data integration platform

The Vertify Movement

Vertify! It’s a product. It’s a people. It’s a super company.

But, it’s even more than that.

You see, Vertify is a movement. It is a collection of ideas and a belief in something greater than any one product, person, or company. 

Vertify, the movement, is what we are working to build.

Defining the Movement

A movement can be defined as the act or process of moving; especially: change of place or position or posture.

Vertify is changing the game when it comes to iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) technology. It is moving the industry forward in such a way that it will soon transform an entire category. In fact, this movement will likely lead to a category shift from the traditional iPaaS classification to a completely fresh category. Only a movement has the ability to transform and transcend industry.

Furthermore, at its core, Vertify is in the movement game. We create movement. We manage the flow of a company’s most valuable and underutilized asset, their data. We are transforming companies by using what they already have and by delivering honest data. In turn, companies are changing their position on data. This new posture allows executives to make valuable decisions that are built on a concrete data foundation. Vertify is a foundation and a movement that is based on truth.

Vertify can’t challenge the very category that it plays in without being driven by a movement of people. Ultimately, people have the ability to create and shape movements. History has shown that movements created by passionate and engaged people can be very powerful. In fact, movements can change the future. Movements have helped us form a better human existence. At the core of Vertify is the Vertifite. A Vertifite is a disruptor, a change agent. A Vertifite is an ambassador of the truth in data movement. Here at Vertify it starts with our executive team and is ultimately sustained and driven forward by the entire team. 

Building the Movement

Vertify has been a labor of love.

Just like any successful movement, it must be rooted in passion. We have been passionate about data and people since our inception. By marrying these passions with our experience in marketing and sales, we started to notice areas in which companies were struggling. In fact, several Vertifites experienced these struggles themselves in previous lives.

In the beginning, we wrapped our brains around the complex data dilemma. We also took the time to understand our client’s business. We then started to invest in technology as a solution to these problems. There was a huge problem though. We were not investing in people. This had to change. We needed to engage in people’s lives. Beyond that, we had to invest in passionate people. We needed people that were sold out for the cause. This is where the movement was formed.

Our movement is rooted in people, industry knowledge, and data expertise. Now, we are ready to watch that grow as our people continue to refine their focus, nourish our customers, and invest in delivering truth.

Joining the Movement

If you are a marketer or a sales professional, you understand the importance of data. You understand the gigantic role that data plays in our lives. It can make or break you.

The Vertify movement ensures that your data strategy is a winning strategy. Joining the Vertify movement is simple, but the results are anything but simple. As I stated before, a movement has the ability to alter the future. Joining the Vertify movement can redirect your future enabling you to win with data. 

Join the movement and say goodbye to your contentious, yet necessary, relationship with data. Contact us at and become a part of the Vertify future.