HubSpot & Acumatica Data Integrations

Marketing Automation, CRM & ERP Integration

This powerful integration between HubSpot and Acumatica allows you to save time and money by inputting clean data in each system. Vertify empowers all teams by giving control of what is updating each endpoint. The added value an integrated data set brings can allow your sales and marketing teams to work together to close deals faster.

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The Vertify Hubspot – Acumatica integration gives you API developer control – without being a developer – in a straightforward drag-and-drop interface. Give insights to the marketing team on how sales is progressing MQLs through the funnel. Give finance complete visibility to ensure proper billing, expenses, and forecasting.

better ERP data management

Determine where, when, why, and under what conditions the data should move in each system. The integration allows you hold back incomplete data to keep your Acumatica instance clean.

personalized marketing

Control the data you need to personalize marketing content by sending the most accurate and valuable data from Acumatica.

match business processes

Scale your business to the next level with the only integration that allows the prioritization of marketing actions as triggers to send new leads to Acumatica.

Use Vertify to connect Hubspot – Acumatica.

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