Metrics That Matter: Marketing Win Rate

Marketing win rate is the percentage of marketing sourced leads that become actual customers.

Marketing Win Rate:
How it Works & Why it Matters

Our Formula

(Marketing Sourced Leads converted to Closed Won Opps)/(Total Closed Opps)

Key Objects

CRM – (Orders, Opportunities, Contacts)
Marketing Automation – (Leads, Activities, Campaigns)

With the marketing win rate metric, you will be able to:

Revenue Analytics

gauge bottom of the funnel conversion analytics


which leads are moving through the revenue – marketing and sales – funnel


align sales and marketing teams leveraging revenue-focused metrics


base your decisions on
historical performance

The Vertify Revenue Impact Dashboard

Add more metrics to your dashboard
marketing win rate: Marketing sourced deals

Average Value of Marketing Sourced Deals

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marketing win rate: lead gen by industry

Lead Gen by Industry

Find out more about this golden marketing metric and report on the number of leads based on industry type according to the Vertify dataset of over 40 million companies worldwide.

marketing win rate: first touch conversion

Campaign Conversion Performance

Find out more about this golden marketing metric and report on conversion rate from lead to opportunity by campaign.

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