Contact database hygiene – made simple.

The Vertify Data Quality Analysis (DQA) delivers a preview of the overall health of marketing’s greatest asset, the contact database.

The DQA will give you an overview of the validity of your email addresses, tell you what percentage of your contacts have moved on to a new company, and also, allow you to get a glimpse of the number of contacts that you could be missing out on in your marketing database. 

3 Easy Steps – Your Data Quality Analysis in Minutes: 

1. Download the DQA template 

2. Add your contact data to the template – up to 10,000 contacts – save as a .csv

3. Upload data for analysis – you will receive an email shortly

Ready for what’s next? Vertify RevOptics is for teams who…

  • Crave a better understanding of marketing spend

  • Want to cut time spent on reporting with automated analytics

  • Work smarter and have better sales and marketing alignment