The Vertify RevOptics product is laser focused on delivering marketing activity intelligence and sales activity intelligence to build the industries most comprehensive, data driven sales and marketing intelligence machine.

RevOptics – for leading sales and marketing teams who:

  • Want predictive insights that empower more and faster deal closure
  • Desire to have a better grasp on marketing spend based on data driven outcomes
  • Scientifically track marketing efforts to revenue generation
  • View marketing and sales as growth teams
  • Want to eliminate the dysfunctional relationship between sales and marketing

Actionable intelligence and behavioral intent analytics based on your customer and prospect data.

Getting Started

Getting started with RevOptics begins with a conversation with the Vertify Product and Customer Success teams. All you need is a dedicated marketing resource and the desire to increase customer relationships and revenue.

RevOptics delivers beyond data with behavioral intent and lead scoring, ensuring every quality MQL and SQL will be worked, tracked, and correctly attributed.

 Intelligence Where You Want It

RevOptics intel can be delivered to these systems today:

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