Automate Data Integration Across All Systems Without All of the Work

Don’t let dirty data, silos or complicated integrations inhibit your potential.

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System Integrations Made Easy

Vertify gives IT teams the ability to automate system integrations, breaking down silos and connecting data from anywhere across the organization – automatically.

Our customer data management platform helps IT teams deliver greater value to sales, marketing, finance, HR, and service teams by integrating business-critical systems quickly without the computer programming, coding, time and costs associated with custom integrations. 

IT teams can quickly integrate disparate systems to provide customers with the insights they need to speed and inform decisions with greater confidence.
With Vertify’s no-code solution, IT can integrate any system and get their time back without losing control of the data. Data is cleaner and more reliable, and IT is the hero.

How Vertify Works

Vertify automates data flows, removing the burden of custom integrations and inherent limitations of native integrations. Only Vertify can connect any applications and give IT teams full control over data standardization and movement. 

Just tell Vertify which systems you want to connect and Vertify makes it happen in near real-time. Your clients no longer have to wait for a custom build or incur a large expense. Vertify reduces technology spend while increasing productivity.

With Vertify, the sky’s the limit. You can easily integrate anything, like a:

  • Marketing automation platform with a CRM
  • Marketing automation platform with a sales enablement platform
  • CRM with an eCommerce platform
  • CRM with an ERP, marketing automation system, and homegrown systems
  • CRM with a marketing automation platform, data warehouses, and sales engagement platform
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No coding. Almost no time. For a quick time-to-value.

Craig Thompson

“After finding initial success with Vertify to integrate and better manage the data flowing between our MAP and CRM, we are expanding into the future of revenue analytics. We are excited about the investment in the Vertify platform.”

Craig Thompson, Head of Business Analytics, SRGlobal

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