Automatically Measure Marketing’s Impact & Better Compete in the Manufacturing Space.

For manufacturing companies, data is often in hundreds of different systems, making it difficult to measure marketing’s impact. Integrating all of the data in one system was historically expensive and could take years. However, Vertify is built for manufacturing companies with complex data sets and siloed sales and marketing systems. We are here to help you move prospects through the funnel faster and make better decisions with data.

Customer (Measuring Marketing's Impact): Katia Piton, Project Manager, Valtus

“Professionalism and process in place to follow project & deadline, and delightful people! They care about non-native English speakers so it makes it easy to work with Vertify from anywhere in the world.” 

Katia Piton, Project Manager | Valtus

Generate Immediate Value

Get the most out of the systems you already have

Get started quickly by connecting the data from the sales and marketing platforms you use every day

Trust your data

Make sure your data is clean and enriched so that you can get the most out of your customer and prospect interactions

Outpace the Competition

Beat your competition without outpacing your marketing budget

Measure marketing impact

In one place; out of spreadsheets and away from human error

It’s time to think differently about customer data for manufacturing companies. With data being the new oil, your revenue teams need to be able to have seamless alignment in order to execute quickly, safely, and with the customer’s best interests in mind. Allow Vertify to help you measu. Check out the customer story below!

Vertify knows that marketers in the manufacturing industry have data that is complex. Manufacturing companies need to understand the ripple effect on systems and requirements. They need their entire revenue team to be working off of the same information in real-time. They need to understand marketing’s impact on revenue. Vertify works with manufacturing companies to help them get a grip on their customer data and the systems that house that data, so that we can help them create a faster time to revenue.

Customer Data Journey: Measuring Marketing's Impact
Revenue Impact Dashboard (Measuring Marketing's Impact)

Solve your data management challenges and then garner intelligence and behavioral intent analytics based on your customer and prospect data.