Vertify Data Optimization

Where are the problem areas within your data?

Identify errors, inconsistencies, and opportunities for improvement in your marketing contact database

The Vertify Data Quality Analysis report, powered by Synthio, examines your contact database to identify additional B2B contacts that match your ideal buyer personas, as well as, areas where we can improve your overall data quality through enrichment. 

What do you get? An understanding of:

  • % deliverability for increased deliverability rates
  • Review email bounces, to help increase email open rates
  • How to increase/drive sales with accurate data
  • How to improve response rates on emails

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About Vertify

With Vertify + Synthio, you don’t need another application in your MarTech stack. You can get the most out of what you have by unifying applications & connecting customer and prospect data. Empower your revenue teams with the visibility, accuracy, and trust to drive growth.