Vertify Customer Newsletter: August 2020

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Vertify Connector Enhancements

This past month, the team has been hard at work with incremental things to make your experience with Vertify even better.

We have:

– We’ve added the ability to download the last imported file

– We’ve added a cookie that keeps track of the user’s last selected workspace, so it takes them there when they login

Vertify Connector News


  Added the ability collect, add, and update values to custom lists


  Added support for CRM Activity data


  Added support for Abandoned Carts


We connect with your favorite sales enablement tools: Outreach and SalesLoft! One of the most popular integration use cases of the past 6-months has been adding your sales enablement tool to your integration stack. The information within Outreach and SalesLoft is invaluable to the marketing team and as teams trend to revenue teams, this is a must-have in the tech stack.

The Vertify Revenue Operations Intelligence (ROI) platform turns disparate data into intelligent answers for every revenue team. [watch the video]

Vertify Steps in Where Marketing Automation Falls Short: MarTech Stack with Limitations: Marketo + CRM [new on the blog]

In our next executive roundtable discussion, we are bringing sales and marketing together to discuss the best methods for building winning revenue teams. [register for the webinar]

Vertify customer newsletter, August 2020