Vertify Customer Newsletter: May 2020

Let’s connect!

By sitting at the intersection of automated data connection and quality, Vertify wants to further empower you to harness data integration to connect mission-critical revenue apps to improve marketing outcomes and accelerate growth.

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Vertify Connector Enhancements

To ensure greater performance for our customers, we have launched enhancements to Outreach, Magento (abandon cart data!) , Zoho, and HubSpot.

NEW! Vertify Connectors

ServiceNow is innovating to make their platform more robust – you’ve asked for a connector and we’re delivering! You can now connect marketing automation with the ServiceNow CRM.

Based on customer requests, we’ve launched the Impexium connector so Vertifites can connect data-rich platforms to the Impexium analytics driven association management solution.

Top 4 Key Takeaways

In our recent town hall, we introduced our newest product: the Campaign ROI Report – watch our overview video as Matt recaps the key takeaways.

Vertify Product Town Hall
Vertify Product Town Hall

What’s NEW in RevOptics?

ELEVATE YOUR WORK: Show off strong campaign ROI with improved report sorting and list views – putting high value campaigns to the top! 

LET VERTIFY DO THE WORK: You will now see our recommendations engine to the right of your dashboard – VIEW INSIGHTS – clueing you in where you have gaps in your data, like program spend…with many more to come!

COMING SOON: Salesforce users – YOU’RE UP NEXT! If you’re interested in the RevOptics features discussed above, let’s chat and get you to the front of the line.

We have a mission – connect data; connect teams; and connect people – to drive productivity and revenue. [watch the video]

5 Best Practices for Data Cleaning: What stands between your goals and the people you need to reach? [new on the blog]

Learn how to keep dirty data from being the reason you don’t reach your business goals. [read the whitepaper]

Vertify would like to welcome a couple of newbies, Wavelink Corporation and Cala Health to the Vertifites team! Focused on connecting marketing automation and CRM instances, these new customers will use RevConnect to move highly custom objects and one will leverage our unmatched Netsuite integration.

Vertify customer newsletter, May 2020