Truth in data for your organization.

A Customer Intelligence Platform that controls and connects the flow of data between business apps while delivering insights to revenue teams.

Think of Vertify as your personal archeologist of truth

With Vertify align sales and marketing like never before. Close more business by using Vertify to not only connect, but to excavate the truth from CRM tools like, NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, or SugarCRM along with popular marketing software like Marketo, Hubspot, or Pardot, and powerful sales enablement like Outreach. And be up and running within weeks.

Vertify is the data refinery that fuels your customer machine.

Best of breed better

Connecting systems with Vertify gives you superpowers, helping you realize your true potential.

Accurate and immediate results

Getting answers with Vertify is easy, never worry about data accuracy again. Realize hidden truths.

Data alone is not enough

Trusted data turns into actionable information. Vertify increases data integrity and dedupes data across your organization.

Take charge of your workday

Actionable information that flows through your fingertips, gives you the ability to eliminate waste. Vertify results in 43% reduction in manual activities

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