Automate the Integration of Your Revenue Applications &
Enrich Your Data at the Same Time

The Integration and enrichment of your customer data is essential to create alignment across teams. In today’s fast-paced, data-driven world marketing and sales teams must be sharing and collaborating in real-time.

We’ll help you get the most out of all your revenue applications.
Connect 100’s of platforms with Vertify.

Data Integration

Intelligent data automation creates marketing and sales alignment across every application and stage of the buying process

Marketing and Sales alignment begins with a connected revenue stack. With Vertify, you can sync your teams and data to create a connected customer environment without the hassle of coding or using technical resources.

Be up and running in no time to accelerate time to revenue.

Data Integration Customer: Jason Santo, Senior Manager of Web & Email, Pax Asset Management

“It’s an excellent platform that a dedicated team of professionals has worked on specifically by listening to the needs of end-users. In marketing automation and data management, it seems crucial that platforms exhibit huge flexibility in how they relay data. Vertify allows that flexibility between sometimes rigid systems on both sides of the data chain.”


Where most integration platforms stop, we continue to add value to your revenue operations with automated cleaning of your customer data.

With Vertify, you can rely on our smart software to detect and eliminate duplicates inside your CRM and Marketing Automation Platform. Clean data results in moving prospects through the funnel faster.

Automated Data Appending | Batch Enrichment | List Upload Enrichment | Deduplication | Fuzzy Matching | Bulk Account Lead Matching | Flexible Merge Rules | Mass Updates

Choose Your Role

Vertify was build for the entire revenue team, so we’ve tailored our product to fit your specific needs.

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