We’re creating a company that’s designed to foster greatness. A place where our incredibly talented people are empowered to work with very little in their way. We’re a team of winners. A group of digital artists, doers, and thinkers. Folks who get it. That’s why we have a positive, can-do attitude that emphasizes collaboration, and is passionate about your success.

Thousands of people around the world use Vertify to engage with customers, grow business, and make better decisions.

Vertify is smart software that connects marketing, sales, and finance teams. It’s designed to help communication and information flow between people, departments, and devices. This means opening the flow of information between people and systems. Supporting employees in how and where they contribute the most. Eliminating barriers to productivity. Connecting people to foster community and loyalty. And helping you reach your greatest potential.

Vertify is made by The New Office, Inc. and is based in beautiful Austin, TX, USA.

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