Vertify for Better Outbound Automation

Eliminating low yield repetitive sales tasks with personalized and segmented data is the only way to stay ahead of the competition.

Data automation makes sales teams more productive.

Vertify automates repetitive tasks while pointing you towards the tasks that move the needle and generate the most revenue. Take manual tasks away from sales teams, making them quicker and more reliable.

3 ways to improve outbound automation with Vertify

Improved Data Management

Improved Data Management

Outbound sales success is dependent on your data. If SDRs, MDRs, and AEs have the right information at their fingertips, they can effectively engage and convert. Without the right information, they will waste time and ultimately fail.

Vertify allows Mid-Market and Enterprise teams to collate a wide variety of information about hundreds of prospects across multiple systems like Salesforce, Marketo, HubSpot, and Outreach. If your organization collects it, Vertify can make sure that data gets cleansed and into the hands of the right sales people to take action.

In addition, the availability of relevant and timely customer information helps teams predict customer success needs oftentimes before the customer even realizes there's a problem to be solved. This helps you plan outbound customer success actions accordingly as well.

Key Decision Makers
Timely & Accurate Reporting

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Outcome: Did you know that top performers in sales prospecting generate almost 3x more sales meetings than their peers? Automation gives these top performers super powers. 92% of employees say that having technology that helps them do their job efficiently improves their work satisfaction. And contacting a lead within a minute improves conversions by 391% - compared to only 17% when waiting a day to reach out.


Automate lead data sharing between teams, in real time.

Automate outbound activities to move leads through the funnel.

Nurture your prospects and customers with personalized lead management.

Automate comprehensive customer data reporting.

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