Vertify for Improved Churn Reduction

Reduce churn and connect with your customer using data automation.

Improving NRR is critical to achieving high growth.

Retention is top of mind for top tier revenue leaders. Automating the nurture path for customers is one way to be a thought leader, drive innovation for your customers, and keep them coming back for more. Reduce churn via RevOps automation using personalization and segmentation. Ask us how.

4 ways automation improves churn reduction

Automated Personalization

Automated Personalization

Every customer should feel special. Consistent communication with your customer is critical, but more importantly, consistent and personalized communication is the winning ticket. This is what customers really desire. But, you have hundreds of customers. How is personalization possible?

Using data automation apps like Vertify combined with best-in-class Marketing Automation Platforms and CRMs, you can ensure there is constant and personal communication with a customer. These tools can also help you know what your customers think about your product or service and whether their needs are being met. Personalize at scale with Vertify.

Email Automation
Customer Segmentation
Customer Retargeting

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Outcome: Intelligent automation can help reduce churn for your business by automating the decision-making process and helping you to identify at-risk customers. Could the Vertify churn reduction automation workflow help you reduce churn by over 5% annually like it has other mid market B2B companies?


Automate retargeting to keep customers informed and engaged.

Automate customer success activities to move customers through the funnel.

Nurture your customers with personalized and segmented messages.

Use automation to learn from your customers' experiences as they engage your brand.

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When is the right time to start thinking about RevOps Automation?

Automation is the name of the game in 2023 and beyond. From industrial processes to your social media, adding automation elements can drastically improve productivity and save costs. These days, roughly 40% of mid-market and 25% of small companies say they’ve managed to fully automate at least one function of their business, further proving that there’s almost no area of your business that couldn’t be improved by using this tech.

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