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Automate cross-department lead management without a stitch of code.

Convert more leads into revenue with better cross- department lead management software.

Every business, regardless of size, depends on high quality and targeted leads to grow. For businesses to grow, you have to create loyal customers by converting high quality leads and moving them through a seamless revenue funnel.

And to do that right, you need to orchestrate a connected lead flow management process between all your revenue apps. This gives you complete visibility into all marketing and sales activities in an organized and actionable manner.

Vertify's 7 steps to managing leads effectively

Lead Capture

Lead Capture

Capturing leads can be done in a variety of ways. There are many ways to attract potential buyers, such as website, email, social, webinars, paid ads, and events. Vertify ensures every lead is automatically sent to the revenue apps that are mission critical when it comes to the lead management process. Once the lead hits the CRM or Marketing Automation Platform from form fills, emails, and chats, Vertify takes over and ensures that no lead is left behind.

Lead Nurturing
Lead Enrichment & Tracking
Lead Qualification
Lead Distribution
Sales Activation

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Outcome: 57.1% of first call attempts to the lead take place after more than a week. Don't be that B2B business. Ensure lead management success with the right tools that save you 15% of your time and help you convert 20% more leads to opportunities.

Automate leads from forms and registrations to get leads in the right hands to take action quickly.

Automate marketing activities to move leads through the funnel.

Nurture your prospects and customers with personalized lead management.

Automate event attendee follow-up.

Automate email responses to leads throughout the funnel.

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Lead generation is vital for business growth. However, maintaining a steady stream of leads is often monotonous work with many manual interventions. Working with an integration partner to automate lead management between HubSpot and NetSuite eliminates the need to manually enter data into different marketing tools, boosting productivity and keeping prospects and existing clients engaged with your brand.

Scale your lead management today.