Vertify’s CustomerTV series covers everything from revenue optimization to building a customer-centric culture, so that you can be the best in your field. Delve into rapid chats with our CEO, Matt Klepac, learn from Vertify CustomerTV experts from a diverse set of companies, or hear what the Vertify team has to say about our platform, partners, and company!

Videos & Podcasts for Marketing & Sales Teams

vertify empowers on camera

Vertify Saves DiGiCOR Time

Vertify saves the DiGiCOR marketing team significant time every day with lead automation.

vertify empowers on camera

Vertify Empowers Planet Home Lending

Vertify helps Planet Home Lending automate their data management with an intuitive user experience.

vertify empowers on camera

Vertify Empowers Bailey International

Customer Centric Onboarding.

vertify empowers on camera

Vertify Empowers Expansive – A Sense of Urgency and Easy to Use

Rachel Anderson talks about her experience with working with Vertify.

vertify empowers on camera

Vertify Empowers – Tyson Foods Customer Testimonial

Best On Boarding Experience Ever Experience…


Vertify Empowers Customer Story – Tim Benson @ MPI

Tim Benson talks to us about how much he loves the ease of use of Vertify.

vertify empowers on camera

Vertify Empowers Customer Story – KJUS Chris Mackenzie

Chris Mackenzie speaks to the unmatched support he receives from Vertify.


New Hire Series: Kwame Nani

We are excited to welcome Kwame Nani to the Vertify team…


B2B Growth Hacks – Wayne Lopez

We’re joined by Wayne Lopez, Co-founder and Chief Product Officer…


Martech Matters: Data Advantage

Brandon Schulte and Ed Underberg from Zirus, Inc. sit down with…


Revenue with Sam Jacobs

Rapid Chat: Generating revenue should be a team sport…


From Opera to the C-Suite

Matt Klepac talks about taking the leap to launch Vertify…


How Regulation Drives Innovation

Rapid Chat: Learn from Kevin Kiley, CRO of OneTrust..


Buyers Journey with Vinay Bhagat

Rapid Chat: today’s customer journey & how it shapes initiatives…


Industry Data Veteran

Rapid Chat: Why the time is now to partner with companies like Vertify…


Revenue Ops Intelligence

What is revenue operations intelligence? Check this out…


The Vertify Vision Discussed

Learn about the Vertify vision and what makes us tick..


Customer-Centric Culture

Learn why Vertify is focused on the customer…


People Behind the Product

Learn more about the people that build our product…


What is Vertify, the Platform

Take 1 minute to see what Vertify is and how it can help you…

HubSpot & Vertify Working Together

Learn how Vertify helps you get the most out of HubSpot…


Learn from Heath Butler

Goal Deployment & Accelerating Business Growth…

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