Vertify for MOPs

Are you still measuring your success based on lead creation? Today’s marketing pros are measured on revenue – not leads. With Vertify, marketing teams can connect apps, clean customer data, and automate use case-driven business processes to create positive customer experiences that grow revenue.

Clean data helps you exceed marketing targets.

Marketers need to operate off of a unified and complete customer view. Vertify helps unify customer touch points across all marketing and sales platforms and channels. This in turn helps to empower the marketer to have accurate customer context and make better revenue generating decisions.

In addition, quickly automate the resolution of inaccurate, incomplete, or duplicate data across every connected app. Time is money, and using Vertify to automate these routine tasks allows you to dedicate your time towards on the most impactful marketing efforts.

Want to optimize your customer journey? Start with Vertify.

Quickly Connect Data

Quickly Connect Data

Get your data flowing in minutes with near native functionality. Connect your CRM, Marketing Automation, Sales Enablement, product analytics, ERP, and data warehousing tools with ease.

Lead Management Automation
Better Personalization
Data Orchestration
Data Answers

Unify your Customer Journey.