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Transform basic sales and marketing systems integrations into smart data flows you control for unprecedented insights. No coding or IT support required.

What is Vertify Revenue Operations Intelligence?
What is Vertify Revenue Operations Intelligence?
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Connect Your Data. Connect Your Teams.

No matter which marketing automation tools and CRMs your sales and marketing teams use, all of the data needs to be standardized and in one place for a complete view of the customer.

Native integrations don’t go far enough. More complex integrations require IT support.

Not anymore.

Vertify RevConnect is a no-code solution that can seamlessly connect any system and give you complete control over data standardization and data flow.

Instead of working in silos, teams are aligned and collaborating to identify the best opportunities to drive faster time to revenue through smart marketing and targeted sales.

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Are Your Marketing & Sales Efforts Working?

Once RevConnect intelligently integrates your core data systems, it’s time to unlock revenue analytics to help your teams focus on what’s working. Revenue analytics automatically answers where, how and when to invest time and budgets to drive the most impact.

Vertify RevOptics helps your sales and marketing teams answer questions like:

  • Are leads getting through the sales funnel fast enough to generate revenue?
  • Are we talking to/targeting the right leads at the right time on the right channels?
  • Are our marketing strategies impacting revenue?
  • What is our marketing win rate?
  • How long is it taking from first touch to generating revenue?

With RevConnect and RevOptics, sales and marketing teams can identify true leads, know how and when to best engage with them, and convert them to customers faster.

How The Vertify Revenue Operations Platform Works

Vertify enhances native integrations to give you more control, standardization and visibility. And for systems without native integrations, we can connect them and give you the same benefits.

Step 1: Integrate Data

Easily connect siloed best-of-breed sales and marketing applications, like Salesforce to Marketo or Netsuite to Hubspot for real-time data flow.

Step 2: Control Data

With just a few clicks, tell Vertify what you want to do, from configurable objects and fields and data standardization preferences to data flow instructions.

Step 3: Visualize Data

Replace spreadsheets with embedded revenue analytics to retain more customers and target prospects more effectively for faster time to revenue.

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