Onboarding Success is Our Priority

At Vertify, we care deeply about the success of our customers. We’ve designed our onboarding implementation plans to ensure that every customer finds success and finds it quickly with Vertify.

Extreme time to value is our promise.

“Our business would not really be possible without Salesforce linking back into Marketo, and we couldn’t do that manually — it needed to be done automatically. Vertify made that happen.”

- LogMeIn

Our automation onboarding experts help expedite your implementation process by building your workflows with you. We do this through our train-the-trainer methodology that empowers you to become a Vertify automator. Our onboarding plans help all customers -  ranging from novices to expert automators - create and manage Vertify automation workflows. 

Our onboarding process is straight forward.


Authenticate & Map

  • Connect Vertify with external apps and sync schemas
  • Orchestrate and map pre-built workflows 
  • Optional: Build custom objects as needed if Growth, Premium or Enterprise plan 
  • Optional: Build custom mappings if Growth, Premium or Enterprise plan

Test, Launch, & Optimize

  • Initiate Vertify setup training sessions
  • Create test records and test automation between all source and target apps
  • Sync initial workflows from system of truth and back
  • Build in conditional logic and transformations
  • Optional: Iterate on transformations if Growth, Premium or Enterprise plan

Monitor & Go Live

  • Automate full use case workflows 
  • Oversee active sync
  • Review and resolve sync errors 
  • Introduce VertifyOne customer team

Onboarding success for every Vertify license tier.

Starter Plan Onboarding

Starter Plan Onboarding

Included in each Starter license is 20 hours of guided onboarding time. Our experience and best practice data has positioned our onboarding experts to get your starter plan's predefined workflows up and running with speed and accuracy. Within 20 hours, take two siloed apps and create one unified RevOps automation engine. After onboarding, you will be equipped to add your additional systems and workflows at your own leisure. Want more help? Ask us about our RevOps-as-a-Service offering to help you get the most out of your RevTech.

Growth Plan Onboarding
Premium Plan Onboarding
Enterprise Plan Onboarding

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