Data Automation for Manufacturing Companies

Manufacturing RevOps begins with CRM, MAP, & ERP tech alignment.

The importance of data automation for manufacturing companies.

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According to the McKinsey Global Institute, manufacturing is the most data-prolific industry there is, generating on average 1.9 petabytes of data every year. An astonishing amount of data originates from different disconnected sources - such as a CRM, Marketing Automation Platform, or Customer Success System - and ends up being siloed and meaningless. Moreover, siloed data is costly since it needs to be stored, and is risky since it leads to partially misinformed decisions.

Data automation can help you better collaborate with your partners. Increasing collaboration internally and between partners is a key factor that will ensure greater efficiency and overall profitability. This can be achieved with data automation in manufacturing, as simply automating the flow of clean and accurate information will have a positive impact on how you do business.

The possibilities are endless when you align your manufacturing tech.

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From Campaign to Revenue

Vertify data orchestration tools automate marketing campaigns based on orders or actions taken by your inside and outside sales teams. Every business is unique, and Vertify understands that. Therefore, your customized business processes are built into every automation.

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Automated Communication

Vertify understands that our trade and partner relationships are critical to the success of your business. The Vertify platform optimizes communications with your trade and distribution partners.

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Aligned Teams

Vertify was purpose built for alignment and to build trust across your manufacturing organization. The real measurement of ROI is based on your aligned sales, marketing, and service efforts.

"Companies with RevOps functions typically see 19% faster growth and 15% more profits."

Our solution translates strategy into tactics.

Manufacturing RevOps professionals across sales, marketing, and customer success trust Vertify’s patented data collection, translation, multi-directional integration, and transformation engine to align systems and teams to activate Go-To-Market success. Vertify has the tech and the support structure to make your digital transformation journey a success.

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