Your data security is our priority.

We know your customer data must be secure and compliant, so trusted security is built into every connection we make at Vertify. Let Vertify maximize the value of your customer data while ensuring it is secure.

Transparent and trusted modern security framework.

Verified against industry-leading compliance, privacy, and security standards. Vertify supports CCPA, GDPR compliance, and SCC.

You own your data.
We do not.

Revenue Operations professionals across sales, marketing, and
customer success trust Vertify’s patented data collection,
translation, multi-directional integration, and transformation
engine to align systems and teams to activate Go-To-Market

Each customer gets an End User Service Agreement that
outlines our customer data practices. We keep your data secure
by isolating each of our customer’s data from other customers.
Vertify administers vulnerability scans to scan for threats to your
data security using third party security tools and external audits.

Our products run on Amazon AWS and follow best practices for the security of our products and services. As a result, all the benefits of Amazon's security practices are also realized by our customers.

Our security team scans for security threats using commercial
and custom tools, penetration tests, QA measures and software
security reviews.

The Vertify team performs third-party penetration tests annually.
In addition, internal traffic is inspected for suspicious behavior.
This analysis is performed using a combination of open-source
tools for traffic capture and parsing.

Our security is trusted by small and large companies alike.

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