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It's time for you to automate manual processes.

Automation software that lets you focus on your business.

Vertify automation features allow you to customize business processes to eliminate future waste. The Vertify platform streamlines your current workflows and processes so you can focus on customer satisfaction and revenue growth. Our automation features rid your revenue team of cumbersome manual processes while creating better alignment.

Vertify automation features empower you to...

Align Teams

Align Teams

Our automation features work to create better alignment between sales, marketing, customer success, and finance teams. Removing manual data transfer and cleanup empowers teams to work off of the most accurate data across departments.

Optimize Output
Get Time Back
Eliminate Errors

Without automation, you get this...

Sales and marketing inputs do not reach the appropriate parties.

Inputs are put into Excel docs which never see the light of day.

Contract details are not communicated to the customer and their experience is lacking.

Event attendees are collected on site via an Excel sheet which eventually gets lost.

Sales and marketing teams point fingers and the customer experience gets deprioritized.

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Lead generation is vital for business growth. However, maintaining a steady stream of leads is often monotonous work with many manual interventions. Working with an integration partner to automate lead management between HubSpot and NetSuite eliminates the need to manually enter data into different marketing tools, boosting productivity and keeping prospects and existing clients engaged with your brand.

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