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Automate cross-department revenue reporting without a stitch of code.

Report on revenue data across teams in real time to unlock growth.

Every function within the revenue team is tasked with reporting on their activities and defending their spend. RevOps pros must help their teams automate and aggregate their reporting into one system of record for key stakeholders. The good news is that Vertify can help you do this, allowing you to focus on the activities and outcomes, not the reporting itself.

3 ways comprehensive revenue reporting can improve sales and marketing practices

Enhanced Productivity

Enhanced Productivity

In 2023, you don't have to manually enter sales and marketing revenue reporting data in multiple systems anymore. Vertify can integrate your CRM with other applications that your company uses to give a single but powerful tool for solving everyday tasks. All in one place.

This gives leaders the ability to evaluate the success of the team and individual. Productivity reports that take into account activities in the Sales Enablement Platform, the Marketing Automation Platform, and the CRM help leaders understand what kind of training they must offer to some or all of their team members to enhance productivity and performance.

Lead Prioritization Reporting
Accurate Reports

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Outcome: Save around 60 working hours per week by streamlining analysis-ready sales and marketing data to your reporting tool of choice. The average hourly rate of a marketing or sales reporting analyst in the USA is around $45/hour. If your analysts spend 60 hours per week compiling reports, it results in $10,800 per month spent on repetitive data operations.


Automate lead data reporting across teams.

Automate pipeline reporting across teams.

Automate activity reporting across teams.

Automate customer upsell reporting across teams.

Revenue Reporting Blog of the Month

Understanding Marketo Revenue Attribution

Marketing data can make or break your business. It can be misinterpreted, misunderstood, or misread in today’s world. Too much time and money go into marketing to make a mistake. For that reason, you want to get the best results for your marketing dollars, which is why many marketers rely on Marketo.

There are a few drawbacks to using a standalone system. Marketo is not a one-size-fits-all solution. In many cases, marketers cannot get a basic understanding of these analytics with Marketo alone. Marketo revenue attribution data can be misconstrued, leaving many struggling to interpret the data.

Scale with trusted revenue reporting.