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Understanding Marketo Revenue Attribution

Marketing data can make or break your business. It can be misinterpreted, misunderstood, or misread in today’s world. Too much time and money go into marketing to make a mistake. For that reason, you want to get the best results for your marketing dollars, which is why many marketers rely on Marketo. 

There are a few drawbacks to using a standalone system. Marketo is not a one-size-fits-all solution. In many cases, marketers cannot get a basic understanding of these analytics with Marketo alone. Marketo revenue attribution data can be misconstrued, leaving many struggling to interpret the data. 

While Marketo revenue attribution manages and collects data, there are plenty of shortcomings for this model. Let’s look at what Marketo claims to achieve with its management system.

The Marketo Revenue Attribution

Many marketers turn to Marketo because they want a complete analysis of their revenue attribution. Marketo allows these professionals to track their revenue through various sources. 

With that information, marketers can attribute the revenue to channels or campaigns that are generating the best results.

These reports can verify:

● Which channel is bringing in the most revenue

● Which campaigns are more productive at the different stages of the buyer’s journey

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Marketo claims that its revenue attribution system will help credit programs that influence marketing opportunities and sales. Marketers need this information to see where their efforts are paying off. These professionals can make informed decisions for their marketing budget with that data. 

Liberate Your Data

However, there are more straightforward ways to make an impact on your marketing efforts. While Marketo revenue attribution and reporting are just a few ways to track your sales, you need to focus on the entire data journey. 

These steps are just as critical for your business as for your customers. Marketo often hides valuable data behind a license or log-in. 

You can gain access to those sales reports and celebrate those customer successes by using advanced analytics. These analytics even help leverage Marketo data to impact your retention and revenue significantly. 

By using robust real-time automatic analysis, you can measure your sales impact and marketing in a flash. With help from a robust platform, you will maximize the benefits of Marketo while enjoying all of the benefits of a highly advanced analytical platform. 

Some of these benefits include:

  • Increasing upsell and cross-sell opportunities by using product analytics
  • Building a better prospect list with enhanced client targeting 
  • Measuring all returns of investments across several different activities, such as campaigns, programs, and activities 

Even native reporting or spreadsheets leave the door open for errors. You need accurate data to make proper business decisions for your company. When you use Marketo revenue attribution, most of the data is stored away without allowing access to all your team members. 

An advanced analytics platform allows you to empower your staff with complete confidence in your data. Your teams can leverage their reporting and collaborate with access to the shared data. That means focusing less on analyzing the data and more on those marketing efforts. 

Using an advanced analytical platform with Marketo helps meet and exceed all of those revenue objectives. Plus, your sales team and marketing department are better aligned to help you achieve all of those revenue goals. 

Now you can focus on the activities, programs, and campaigns that make the most significant impact on your revenue. This can help prioritize those services and product offerings to your customers. 

In addition to that, you will also see better accuracy in weekly, monthly, and quarterly reporting. 

If you need a compelling reason to use advanced revenue integrations to improve your results, consider these few points. 

Automate the Reporting Process

Reports can be arduous to compile. When you don’t take advantage of automation, you cannot expect your business to grow and evolve. With Marketo and an advanced analytics platform, you never had to worry about spreadsheets again. 

You can get updates in real-time. That means your sales and marketing teams have the ability to sell and focus on other projects, such as new campaigns. All of your data is automatically added to the analytics system. 

Along the way, an advanced analytic platform allows you to enhance the user experience. You will be able to eliminate those mundane tasks for your team. Those marketing and sales teams can also efficiently collaborate on that shared data.

Boost Your Analytics

Every day, teams are bombarded with data. While the access has increased, you need the right tools to interpret the data. Analytics is integral because it can give you an inside advantage to your successes as you seek to outperform the rest of the competition. 

With analytical insight, you have access to the data that provides the most value for all of your buyers during their purchasing journey. 

An advanced analytical platform allows your teams to understand their own ROI. As a result, you can prioritize their campaigns and marketing strategies. That leads to dividing resources that will make the most significant impacts on your revenue. 

Expedite Your Service or Product Decisions

With advanced analysis, revenue teams can make product decisions based on the available data. Some platforms allow you to access and analyze data on not just one platform but the entire CRM. 

With that, you have a full view of your buyer’s journey. All of that information allows you to make faster decisions, especially when you have a business that sells several services or products. Those decisions are vital in the fast-paced current economy. 

If you want to manage your marketing budget with confidence, it is time to use an advanced analytics platform. You want to know that the data is trustworthy, insightful, and accurate. 

You cannot get those results with Marketo revenue attribution alone. When maximizing revenue decisions, you require some clarity with your decision. 

Don’t make guesses or indecisive decisions based on only half of the data. You can effortlessly connect your marketing impact to revenue with help from an advanced analytical platform.

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Great Revenue Attribution Starts With You

A successful marketing campaign should include a Marketo revenue attribution model and an advanced analytics platform. With this successful combination, you can assign credit and reallocate resources when you need to optimize your campaign.

Marketo wants you to believe that its platform alone will help you see the complete picture of your revenue, but you are only getting half of the story. There are many limitations, mostly locked behind log-ins and licenses. You can free your data with help from a marketing analytical platform. 

The days of wasting time on unsuccessful methods are over. You can take those initial steps to implement better-performing marketing efforts using advanced analytics with Marketo.

Lead Your Marketing Charge!

Marketo can help find a suitable attribution model for your company, but you still need to bridge the link between the sales team and marketers. Unfortunately, Marketo by itself is not the answer for many companies. 

While Marketo can take you through part of the revenue journey, it doesn’t give you the whole picture. You need an advanced analytics platform that can help interpret data in real-time. There are a few solutions in today’s marketplace. 

You need to automate your customer’s data journey by employing a viable solution for your teams. It is essential to analyze data in real-time, inspect sales growth, and deliver vital information to your marketers and sales team. This is where Vertify can help you.

If you are ready to grow your client base and close those deals, make sure to request a demo from Verify.