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The Future Wave From Eloqua to Marketo

In recent months we have been privy to a lot of conversations and questions surrounding the future of the Eloqua solution. The question we are looking to answer in this article is whether this is a perceived lack of investors or more of a lack of investment. And if it is an actual lack of…

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It’s the End of the Road for SAP Marketing Cloud

We’re sorry to say it, but SAP Marketing Cloud customers are now in a challenging position. With the sunsetting of SAP Marketing Cloud, they’re now being forced to find a new marketing solution. For SAP Marketing Cloud customers, the reason they are sunsetting the product does not really matter, so let’s instead stay solutions-focused and…

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Why Native Marketo to Dynamics or Salesforce Integrations Aren’t Sufficient for Best in Class Revenue Automation

Marketing automation products like Marketo and customer relationship managers (CRMs) like Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce are designed to help a company improve its profits. The challenge is that these two disparate software solutions often rely on the same data or could benefit from data collected by the other. Without proper integration, neither product will be…

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Why You Should Integrate HubSpot with NetSuite Sooner Than Later

In today’s technologically advanced society, businesses are using every tool available to meet customers’ expectations and provide satisfying customer relationships. Many companies are learning that the traditionally siloed data and lack of communication between their sales, customer success, and marketing teams are no longer enough to keep up with demand and the competition.  Many are…

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How to Determine the Next Best Action to Inform Your Marketing Plan

Did you know marketers with a proactive marketing plan are as much as three times more likely to report success than those without? This is because an informed marketing strategy gives your team a clear and thorough action plan. In turn, this sets everyone up for success by laying out marketing objectives, the best tactics…

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Applying the Buyer’s Journey Stages to Content Marketing

A good marketer knows that content is essential for turning leads into life-long clients. However, successful marketers understand that you must use the right content at the right time to increase conversion rates.  You’ll need to transform basic sales and marketing integrations into intelligent data to achieve this. But first, you’ll need to understand your…

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Marketing Campaign Personalization in 2022

In 2022, the old adage “every dollar is a vote” rings truer than ever, as customers place higher premiums on companies they relate to on a personal level. To accommodate these values, companies are being pressed to find new ways to enhance the customer experience with interactions that are highly individualized and more personally relevant.…

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What is the Customer Journey in Marketing?

Are you struggling to reach your target audience despite marketing on the most popular channels? Rest assured that while this is common, there is a simple reason why: you’re not crafting and delivering your messages based on the customer’s journey and decision intelligence. As Annette Franz, an internationally recognized customer experience thought leader, once said:…

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Best Practices for Routing Leads from Marketing to Sales

In the digital era, the attention span of people is reducing. If you delay or fail to provide the stimulation people crave, they quickly switch to other options. The same is true when it comes to leads.  The faster your marketing and sales teams respond to leads, the higher your chances of converting them. But…

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4-Step Guide to Multi-CRM Integration Success 

Connect Marketo, an Adobe Company with Multiple CRMs At Vertify, we work with a lot of marketers who are hyper-focused on creating the best and most efficient lead-to-opportunity workflow. The only way to convert leads to opportunities in an efficient manner is to orchestrate this operation with automation technology.  Automated integration technology must be smart,…

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