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What Can You Get Out of HubSpot Data Integration?

HubSpot is an absolute inbound marketing industry beast, often considered one of the best marketing automation platforms. And as great as it is on its own, things get even better with a HubSpot data integration. Most HubSpot users like to connect it with other apps since it just makes sense to integrate your marketing software…

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RevOptics.io Product Launch: Welcome to a Better Monday

So, it’s Monday morning, and as a marketer, you’re wondering what needs to be done. Send emails? Create a poll? Optimize your newsletter? Push out more blog content?  What are you going to do today to win?  For most marketers, it is either a shot in the dark, a gut feeling or a standard protocol…

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How to Optimize Hubspot Salesforce Integration

Several years ago, the Harvard Business Review published an op-ed describing the rivalries between sales and marketing departments. The two functions are inextricably tied, and their ultimate goals are to add to a company’s bottom line. Yet, when sales goals aren’t met, sales blames marketing, and marketing blames sales. A Hubspot Salesforce integration can bridge…

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Announcing ICP Analytics

Personalized experiences are taking over the world. The number of interactions that take place  both physically and virtually is compounding exponentially. We think of personalization as a long standing thing but it’s only in its infancy. For those willing to visualize a new way to relate person to person, or organization to organization, the outlook…

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Sales and Marketing Alignment Best Practices to Increase Your Revenue

The most successful companies consistently implement sales and marketing alignment best practices. When you align your sales and marketing teams so they’re working in lockstep, you’ll win more sales, generate more revenue, and see your business grow faster. In fact, 87 percent of sales and marketing leaders say that the alignment between sales and marketing…

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Hubspot-Salesforce Integration Issues

Hubspot and Salesforce are two of the most popular marketing and sales platforms. When integrated, you have a powerful system that helps you share data, increase productivity and save you costs. Strong integration between the two can help you save time, increase productivity, and your bottom line. However, if you can’t achieve proper integration, Hubspot-Salesforce…

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Use Case – What We Did When Marketing Win Rate Was Decreasing

Sales Team We’ve historically been a partner and sales sourced company. Oddly enough we had success in 2020 shifting to more marketing sourced so that we could have a healthier ratio AND a more cost effective ratio. We started 2021 off at 50% for our Marketing Win Rate. We have a pretty strong sales team…

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What is Revenue Operations?

Gartner predicts that 75% of the highest growth companies in the world will deploy a revenue operations model by 2025. With the increasing rise in innovation and the urgency in breaking down company silos, we are currently moving towards a new reality where marketing, sales, and customer success operations must work together as one. Combining…

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SugarCRM Marketing Automation Integration

What Is Marketing Automation Integration? Marketing automation refers to the software that automates marketing activities that otherwise is impossible or labor-intensive. The most common and most essential is with customer relationship management (CRM) software. If you are wondering about SugarCRM marketing automation integration, you´re in the right place. Marketing automation integration is the ability of…

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