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SugarCRM Marketing Automation Integration

What Is Marketing Automation Integration? Marketing automation refers to the software that automates marketing activities that otherwise is impossible or labor-intensive. The most common and most essential is with customer relationship management (CRM) software. If you are wondering about SugarCRM marketing automation integration, you´re in the right place. Marketing automation integration is the ability of…

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Pros and Cons to Marketing Automation Tools Integrated with SugarCRM

10 Reasons why Businesses May Be Looking into Integrating SugarCRM With Marketing Automation Top sales and marketing teams have proven they can boost sales, implement excellent marketing campaigns, and design incredible customer experiences by integrating SugarCRM and marketing automation. But why are these types of integrations popular if SugarCRM is so powerful on its own? …

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How to Easily Make a Target List of Customers to Contact With Your Own Data

Using behavioral data to accelerate time to revenue Lead lists are so 2020. With Predictive Opportunity Analytics, your sales team can have hyper targeted lists with little to no effort from sales and marketing.  The Predictive Opportunity Score takes the following behaviors into account to help the sales team be more efficient based on an…

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5 Database Hygiene Best Practices You can Apply Today

Before Database Hygiene Best Practices, Let’s Go Over The Basics According to Mercury, creative digital experts, 45% of marketers don’t validate their data for quality and accuracy, and 62% use incomplete or invalid prospect data. These numbers may give you an idea of how “dirty data” could stand in your way, driving a wedge between…

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Time to Replace Bronto: Why It’s Going Away and What You Can Do Now

Time to Transition from Bronto to Another Marketing Automation Tool In 2015, Netsuite acquired Bronto, the popular marketing platform with a heavy retail industry and consumer goods industry following. But just as you may have hit your stride using the software, Netsuite announced it will sunset Bronto at the end of May 2022. That gives…

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Tips to Succeeding with Microsoft Dynamics and Marketo

Need Some Tips with Microsoft Dynamics and Marketo Integration? CRM software is now the number one software market in the world. Analysts predict the CRM software market will balloon from more than $36 billion in 2017 to $80 billion in 2025. The marketing automation software industry is expanding as well, with 2024 revenue estimates coming…

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How Marketing Ops and Revenue Ops Can Better Support Remote Teams

Marketing and sales metrics are critical in guiding teams to the most effective customer acquisition strategies. Without data, it is impossible to know which efforts are driving results, how to continually improve your approach, or adapt to constant change.  Gartner says, “For marketing to build a truly adaptive, customer-oriented strategies, a renewed focus on data…

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2 Steps to Using Predictive Sales Analytics for More Accurate Forecasting

Data Quality + Data Science = Faster Time to Revenue Did you read our recent blog about improving your time to revenue? If not, we strongly recommend you stop here and read it to give this article about predictive sales analytics more context. Understanding the importance of creating a faster and more predictable time to…

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3 Steps You Should Take in Your New RevOps Role

3 Steps You Should Take in Your New RevOps Role. New to RevOps? Did your company just bring on funding or have a good year of growth and is now looking to form a true RevOps function for full circle revenue alignment? Did they promote you into this new RevOps role?  Don’t panic. In the…

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