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Pros and Cons to Marketing Automation Tools Integrated with SugarCRM

10 Reasons why Businesses May Be Looking into Integrating SugarCRM With Marketing Automation

Top sales and marketing teams have proven they can boost sales, implement excellent marketing campaigns, and design incredible customer experiences by integrating SugarCRM and marketing automation. But why are these types of integrations popular if SugarCRM is so powerful on its own? 

First off, SugarCRM helps companies deliver a high-definition customer experience by offering sales, marketing, and service tools. “For mid-market companies and anyone that wants a CX-driven platform, Sugar gives teams the time-aware customer data they need to achieve a clear view of the customer and reach new levels of business performance and predictability and increase customer lifetime value.”

However, it was actually a survey from SugarCRM that pointed out several reasons why mainly sales professionals believe CRMs are failing their primary purpose. Here are ten relevant facts:

  1. 48% of sales professionals interviewed said their CRM platform does not provide the critical information they need to meet their quota. The problem lies both with the CRM system itself and with the data it gathers.
  2. Nearly 40% of professionals described their CRM as too complex, unintuitive, and difficult to use, while over a third reported frustration about incomplete, inaccurate, and irrelevant customer data.
  3. A consolidated view of customer information across the company is crucial to delivering an optimal experience to customers, according to 74% of sales professionals.
  4. Based on the survey, 50% of all respondents don’t have the ability to share customer data among marketing, sales, and service teams.
  5. In terms of CX strategy design, CRMs are holding companies back. In the report, 53% of respondents noted their CRM causes friction for their sales team because of its administrative burden.
  6. On average, sales representatives spend only 54% of their time actually selling.
  7. The survey found 47% of sales decision-makers were frustrated with the CRM vendor’s lack of support.
  8. In the survey, 50% of all respondents said their company’s sales team could not access customer data accumulated across marketing, sales, and customer service systems.
  9. 48% of sales professionals said they didn’t know why customers left. As a result of gaps in data and a lack of insight, salespeople and business leaders struggle to make the strategic and tactical decisions they need.
  10. CRM platforms are failing customers, sales teams, and prospects, with 52% of sales leaders reporting their CRM platform hurts potential revenue gains. 

Can you relate to this data? You may already be familiar with the fact that there is more pressure than ever before to deliver and improve KPIs all across the organization. In today’s competitive scenario, it is increasingly crucial for sales and marketing teams to rely on top-quality tools and a high level of support from their providers. Integrating SugarCRM and marketing automation is an effective strategy to boost sales and marketing success.

Cutting your company’s expenses on tools may not be an option at this point. You may start wondering how to optimize your spending to continue supporting your salespeople and your marketers appropriately. 

Your complete suite of CRM systems and marketing automation platforms needs to offer your teams reliable customer data and insights to maximize customer experience, acquisition, and retention.

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An Example of Integrating SugarCRM with Marketing Automation: HubSpot

Companies that lack an effective CRM system risk losing market share in light of digital transformation, heightened competition, and rising customer expectations. It is here where integrations become the most common solution, although native procedures are far from being perfect.

Integrating SugarCRM with marketing automation functionalities in HubSpot may be a common approach to solving specific data issues. In general, when you combine these two platforms, you obtain the benefits of SugarCRM’s flexibility plus HubSpot’s industry-leading marketing and sales features.

HubSpot for SugarCRM’s native integration consists of bidirectional sync that enables companies to design and analyze campaigns and keep all of their records in sync. Combining these two systems allows you to access the HubSpot campaigns of specified contacts and leads and see their HubSpot activities within SugarCRM records.

Specifically, this native integration enables you to:

  • Have several syncing options: You can integrate HubSpot data into SugarCRM or SugarCRM data into HubSpot. You can also have bidirectional integration.
  • View reports: Your teams will be able to pull activity reports, including SugarCRM data within HubSpot, easily.
  • Check on marketing activity in SugarCRM: If you want to know which marketing campaigns are most effective with a particular customer segment, you can see this on the account record for the customer using the HubSpot dashlet.

This may all sound ideal and easy. However, sales and marketing teams often struggle with SugarCRM and marketing automation native integrations (HubSpot, Marketo, among others) because they tend to generate unreliable data, causing loss of efficiency and a direct impact on KPIs.

But you should be aware that there are modern, no-code solutions to make this software integration seamless and, most importantly, accurate and reliable (more on this in the following section).

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SugarCRM and Marketing Automation Integration Pros

When you find and implement the best way to integrate SugarCRM with your marketing automation platform, your sales and marketing teams will have a series of advantages:

Improve CRM Data Management

With this information, your teams will decide where, when, and why data should be at a particular place. Additionally, they can clean up, transform, translate, and merge data with ease.

Personalize Marketing Actions

You will be able to own the customer journey with an accurate picture across multiple channels while personalizing the marketing experience.

Align Sales and Marketing Processes

Creating the whole customer journey and your sales leads can boost your business to the next level and increase sales efficiency.

Precise Data

With the most advanced SugarCRM/marketing automation integration, you can view all your customer relationships and consolidate data in one place. Make decisions based on clean, reliable, and robust information without having to invest time fixing errors.

SugarCRM and Marketing Automation Integration Cons

As mentioned above, companies face the most common problem when they find out the resulting data is not reliable after integrating SugarCRM with any marketing automation tool with a native process. 

In fact, dirty data can lead to wasted resources, loss of productivity, poor communication, and a reduced marketing budget. Using bad data considerably diminishes decision-making speed and leads to an unhealthy chain of inaccuracies, a product of human-induced errors.

The Best SugarCRM and Marketing Automation Integration Available

Using the most sophisticated SugarCRM integration on the market will give your sales and marketing teams the power to make smarter decisions based on reliable, integrated data. 

By implementing a multi-point integration platform, you can trace campaign impact to revenue dollars and solve attribution issues for multiple touchpoints. A genuinely effective SugarCRM integration can connect it with a marketing automation platform, e-commerce platform, marketing automation system, ERP, data warehouse, or sales automation system, or all of these. 

Vertify enables you to close more business by gaining true insight from tools such as HubSpot, Bullhorn, Magento, Acumatica, and others. If you’re looking to integrate SugarCRM with Marketo, only Vertify supports Marketo MSI with an exclusive custom dashlet to align sales and marketing teams for maximum sales efficiency. An intuitive drag-and-drop interface enables you to set up this integration in weeks. Close deals faster by giving your sales teams the information they need. Request a demo now.