Multiple CRMs for Different Business Units and Divisions

Using Multiple CRMs for Different Business Units and Divisions 

Many businesses, from the mid market to the enterprise, use multiple CRMs for different business units and divisions. While this meets the needs of individual units, it also creates information silos, making data hard to manage and decreasing its quality. This instantly hinders communication between departments, who lose sight of the big picture their CRMs…

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Automating Revenue Ops in Hubspot With Vertify: Marketer’s Checklist

Automation started as a buzzword for tech organizations but quickly became a universal necessity for modern B2B and B2C organizations. The immediate benefits to marketing professionals are clear: you can schedule social media posts, set up email sequences triggered by different buyer behaviors, and score leads of varying intensities without direct human intervention (or even…

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When Is the Right Time to Start Thinking About Revops Data Automation?

Automation is the name of the game in 2022 and beyond. From industrial processes to your social media, adding automation elements can drastically improve productivity and save costs. These days, roughly 40% of mid-market and 25% of small companies say they’ve managed to fully automate at least one function of their business, further proving that…

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Why Native Marketo to Dynamics or Salesforce Integrations Aren’t Sufficient for Best in Class Revenue Automation

Marketing automation products like Marketo and customer relationship managers (CRMs) like Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce are designed to help a company improve its profits. The challenge is that these two disparate software solutions often rely on the same data or could benefit from data collected by the other. Without proper integration, neither product will be…

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Automating Lead Management with Hubspot and Netsuite

Lead generation is vital for business growth. However, maintaining a steady stream of leads is often monotonous work with many manual interventions. Working with an integration partner to automate lead management between HubSpot and NetSuite eliminates the need to manually enter data into different marketing tools, boosting productivity and keeping prospects and existing clients engaged…

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SugarCRM Marketing Automation Integration

What Is Marketing Automation Integration? Marketing automation refers to the software that automates marketing activities that otherwise is impossible or labor-intensive. The most common and most essential is with customer relationship management (CRM) software. If you are wondering about SugarCRM marketing automation integration, you´re in the right place. Marketing automation integration is the ability of…

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Does HubSpot Integrate with Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

The Value of Integrations Too many sales and marketing teams are drowning in inefficient processes. Most of these processes have to do with manual tasks involving synchronizing leads and contacts. The sales funnel follow-up helps companies understand and visualize their sales process and, most importantly, measure their overall conversion success.  This leads many to ask,…

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Pros and Cons to Marketing Automation Tools Integrated with SugarCRM

10 Reasons why Businesses May Be Looking into Integrating SugarCRM With Marketing Automation Top sales and marketing teams have proven they can boost sales, implement excellent marketing campaigns, and design incredible customer experiences by integrating SugarCRM and marketing automation. But why are these types of integrations popular if SugarCRM is so powerful on its own? …

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Time to Replace Bronto: Why It’s Going Away and What You Can Do Now

Time to Transition from Bronto to Another Marketing Automation Tool In 2015, Netsuite acquired Bronto, the popular marketing platform with a heavy retail industry and consumer goods industry following. But just as you may have hit your stride using the software, Netsuite announced it will sunset Bronto at the end of May 2022. That gives…

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