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Automating Lead Management with Hubspot and Netsuite

Lead generation is vital for business growth. However, maintaining a steady stream of leads is often monotonous work with many manual interventions. Working with an integration partner to automate lead management between HubSpot and NetSuite eliminates the need to manually enter data into different marketing tools, boosting productivity and keeping prospects and existing clients engaged with your brand. 

Lead management tools such as HubSpot and NetSuite bridge the gap between marketing and sales. A good lead management tool will identify prospects, educate them, engage them, and pass these potential buyers from marketing to sales when they are considered qualified. But using these lead management tools alone is not enough. 

In fact, constantly shuffling information between your lead management tools and other lead sources can be overwhelming. Organizations also face an explosion of data being collected along the way, and many struggle to use it. The reason? Data silos

Automating Lead Management with HubSpot and NetSuite to Leverage Siloed Data

In the data-driven business world, organizations are unable to make decisions without relying on accurately collected data. Departments such as sales, marketing, HR, etc., rely on specific information. But since the often overlapping, crucial data is in separate silos, the organization can never see a complete picture. 

A data silo is a repository of information in a department that is isolated from others within an organization. This information is effectively locked away from general use or access. The lack of efficient, enterprise-wide access to collected data hinders the process of furthering organizational goals because decision-makers can’t see the complete picture. 

As you can see, data silos are a problem for your business. Managing data and sharing insights that drive actions across organizational silos is one of an organization’s most prominent challenges in meeting its marketing and sales goals. You need an intelligent approach to managing multiple CRM and other management tools across departments and technology silos. 

The best solution is to work with a HubSpot/NetSuite integration partner to connect your CRM tools and move information between them seamlessly. Automating lead management between HubSpot and NetSuite allows your marketing automation platform to leverage existing siloed data. Read on to learn more. 

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Other Benefits of Marketing Automation  

If your organization lacks a solid system for managing leads, your lead generation efforts — and ultimately, your sales — will suffer. Going further to automate lead management allows your sales team to source more leads with less effort.

The marketing automation industry will reach $8.42 billion by 2027 as more organizations continue implementing marketing automation into their business. Automating lead management between HubSpot and NetSuite, in particular, can help companies attract, nurture, and retain new customers in a hypercompetitive digital era.

Here are some of the critical reasons for automating your lead management system. 

Leads to More Conversions

Automating lead management and other marketing aspects turns your efforts into tangible results. According to recent surveys, 77% of marketers saw an increase in conversions after switching to automated systems. 

On top of that, data shows that most marketers who leverage marketing automation solutions say that it’s worth the cost. It’s simple; automation increases conversions, leading to more sales. 

Increases Efficiency 

You did not hire your marketing and sales teams to spend all their time doing tedious, repetitive work. They should be generating more leads for your business to help meet growth targets. The key benefit of automating lead management is that it creates systems and processes that allow you to generate leads without having to source them all manually. 

For instance, automating tasks such as email follow-ups and content distribution can increase operational efficiency. That way, your organization’s marketing and sales teams can focus on closing deals and other high-impact work that helps the organization grow and expand. 

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Keeps Prospects Engaged

Maintaining a flow of leads and keeping customers engaged throughout their journey is one of the most common challenges businesses face in the digital era. Automating lead management can help in this department, too. 

When all the monotonous tasks are automated, your marketing team can spend more time engaging prospects and learning what they want from your solutions. 

Streamlines Processes

Automating marketing allows you to create processes that work across different functional teams to make it easier for the prospect at every stage of their purchasing journey. Streamlined processes break through silos to bring your multiple teams together for a customer-centric objective. 

Most marketing automation tools come with features that allow marketers to utilize internal workflows to prioritize tasks as needed.

In a nutshell, marketing automation reduces friction within organizations and departments by connecting teams, gathering data in a usable format, and eliminating manual tasks. Marketing automation will not only make your lead generation efforts quick and efficient by eliminating low-value and repetitive tasks, but it’ll also deliver better results. 

These are just several of the countless benefits your business can reap from automating lead management. More on HubSpot and NetSuite Integration in the next section. 

Why Work with a HubSpot and NetSuite Integration Partner? 

The benefits of automating lead management between HubSpot and NetSuite, with the help of an integration provider, go way beyond saving time and labor resources by automating manual tasks. Here’s why every business should be working with a HubSpot/NetSuite integration partner.

Manage Internally Generated Data Better 

You’d be surprised at just how many technologies are used within a single department in the digital age. You can only convert data into actionable insights when information can freely flow between disparate systems and departments. The best approach is working with a HubSpot/NetSuite integration partner to streamline the data flow and increase the data’s value. The more integrated and synced your data, the more you can do with it. 

With so many apps and platforms, it’s easy to end up with disjointed tech stack silos of information. How much of your marketing data is trapped in HubSpot or NetSuite? Probably a lot. These applications generate a lot of data. However, this internally generated data cannot pass smoothly between departments and systems or provide usable business intelligence without specialized tools. 

That’s where a HubSpot/NetSuite Integration Partner comes in. These specialized tools integrate the data between HubSpot and NetSuite to give you a 360-degree view of your clients and prospects. Decision-makers can, in turn, use business intelligence (BI) tools to improve operations, enhance products, save money, and discover hidden opportunities.

Personalize Marketing Efforts

Automating lead management with HubSpot and NetSuite also allows businesses to provide a more personalized experience for customers. Marketing teams can use these inputs across multiple channels to understand the customer’s needs and deliver the right content at the right time. 

The fact is, the modern consumer responds better to personalized content. Investing in personalization efforts builds relationships and creates better experiences, which usually pays off with increased conversion rates for organizations. Personalizing content becomes incredibly simple with marketing automation. 

Automating lead management between HubSpot and NetSuite gives sales and marketing teams an accurate, complete picture of a customer or prospect across channels. Marketers can then use this information to drive qualified leads to helpful content, creating an opportunity to convert them into customers

It doesn’t stop there: marketers can continue using personalized content such as pre-filled forms, targeted emails, and tailored customer service to turn potential buyers into loyal, repeat customers who are likely to refer others.

Align Sales & Marketing

Aligned teams work more efficiently and perform better everywhere. Regarding sales and marketing, alignment is the holy grail of marketing and sales teams in any organization. It allows sales and marketing departments to operate as one unit, working together to deliver a high-impact marketing strategy, higher conversion rates, and better experiences

Siloed data resulting from disjointed tech stacks, such as HubSpot and NetSuite when there’s no communication between them, is a common culprit. The resulting labyrinthian tangle of customer information delivers little to no insights for your sales and marketing teams. Fortunately, a HubSpot/NetSuite integration tool can efficiently and effectively resolve this issue. 

Integrating these two solutions together and with other marketing systems will create a holistic view of the customer and align your sales and marketing teams, helping both teams reach their goals and boost company revenue. Integrating data transfer between HubSpot and NetSuite creates a single customer journey and eliminates separate siloed experiences for your prospects. 

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Your Reliable HubSpot/NetSuite Automation Provider 

Every organization should weave automation throughout its operations to break down silos and unite teams with processes that save time. A HubSpot/NetSuite Integration provider can help you integrate the data between your HubSpot and NetSuite systems effortlessly, to optimize the efficiency and productivity of your marketing and sales teams.  

Vertify is the ideal HubSpot/NetSuite integration partner. It’s a no-code data integrator with an intuitive design that guides you through the process of setting up bi-directional connections, so you don’t have to worry about APIs or code. When your tech stacks are no longer siloed, your teams can create better marketing campaigns, improve lead nurturing, and grow revenue. 

Ready to automate data transfer between HubSpot and NetSuite to streamline your lead management? Vertify aligns and empowers your sales and marketing teams with new data insights to close more deals. But don’t just take our word for it; request a demo today to experience it yourself.