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When Is the Right Time to Start Thinking About Revops Data Automation?

Automation is the name of the game in 2022 and beyond. From industrial processes to your social media, adding automation elements can drastically improve productivity and save costs. These days, roughly 40% of mid-market and 25% of small companies say they’ve managed to fully automate at least one function of their business, further proving that…

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Automating Lead Management with Hubspot and Netsuite

Lead generation is vital for business growth. However, maintaining a steady stream of leads is often monotonous work with many manual interventions. Working with an integration partner to automate lead management between HubSpot and NetSuite eliminates the need to manually enter data into different marketing tools, boosting productivity and keeping prospects and existing clients engaged…

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The Value of a Data Management Platform Integration

Data analytics is here to stay – it’s the secret weapon that puts the “intelligence” into Business Intelligence (BI). However, as you might imagine, data analytics is only ever as good as the data obtained and the processes used to derive trends and insights from that data. Full data management platform integration is the best…

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What Are the Best Enterprise Data Integration Tools?

Enterprise data integration tools are the key to harnessing and leveraging your organization’s data. These tools extract, link, and synchronize the information that would otherwise be trapped within disparate applications. McKinsey’s analysts believe that the new competitive business edge lies in properly utilizing the data generated in internal and external applications. That’s because the business…

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Salesforce Data Integration: Go Beyond Native Integrations

A Salesforce data integration synchronizes the CRM with other apps and systems. This feature lets you leverage the CRM’s insights by crossing data into other sales or marketing systems. It’s a great way to ramp up productivity, boost efficiency, and enhance collaboration between teams.  Today’s marketers, sales teams, and corporate leaders are grappling with a…

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How to Optimize Your NetSuite Data Integration

Before learning about NetSuite data integration, it may be worth remembering that NetSuite is a software company that provides cloud-based business management services to nearly 29,000 customers across 215 countries. It enables businesses to combine, manage, and interpret data from multiple points on one platform. These capabilities allow the solution to identify the significance of…

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How to Find a NetSuite Integration Partner

How much of your business data is trapped in NetSuite? Leveraging business intelligence is essential for strategic-thinking corporate decision-makers, and NetSuite’s comprehensive business management software generates plenty of data. But you can only convert data into usable intelligence when information can freely flow between systems, and the best way to do this is through a…

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Understanding Marketo Revenue Attribution

Marketing data can make or break your business. It can be misinterpreted, misunderstood, or misread in today’s world. Too much time and money go into marketing to make a mistake. For that reason, you want to get the best results for your marketing dollars, which is why many marketers rely on Marketo.  There are a…

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What Can You Get Out of HubSpot Data Integration?

HubSpot is an absolute inbound marketing industry beast, often considered one of the best marketing automation platforms. And as great as it is on its own, things get even better with a HubSpot data integration. Most HubSpot users like to connect it with other apps since it just makes sense to integrate your marketing software…

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How to Optimize Hubspot Salesforce Integration

Several years ago, the Harvard Business Review published an op-ed describing the rivalries between sales and marketing departments. The two functions are inextricably tied, and their ultimate goals are to add to a company’s bottom line. Yet, when sales goals aren’t met, sales blames marketing, and marketing blames sales. A Hubspot Salesforce integration can bridge…

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