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When Is the Right Time to Start Thinking About Revops Data Automation?

Automation is the name of the game in 2022 and beyond. From industrial processes to your social media, adding automation elements can drastically improve productivity and save costs. These days, roughly 40% of mid-market and 25% of small companies say they’ve managed to fully automate at least one function of their business, further proving that there’s almost no area of your business that couldn’t be improved by using this tech.

In the world of automation, companies like Vertify are changing the game for sales, marketing and revenue teams. Gartner predicts 75% of the highest growth companies in the world will deploy a RevOps model by 2025. If your business has customers or depends on consistent lead flow, it is an invaluable resource for helping you grow. Let’s outline its many benefits to show exactly how helpful it can be.

RevOps Data Automation for Leads and Data

Leads and data are two significant points in business. Effectively utilizing both in tandem is where your sales come from, after all. When you use Vertify RevOps data automation, you’ll be able to do that better than ever before. Here are some of the ways the technology can revolutionize your use of leads and data in your business:

Lead Management

Managing your leads is critical to attracting new customers to your business. With RevOps data automation, you can quickly and easily manage activity that happens on your website and in ads, emails, events, and anything else that helps catch people’s attention. Vertify RevOps data automation can instantly coordinate between major systems like HubSpot, Shopify, Marketo, Salesforce, and Bullhorn, ensuring that you have complete control over your leads and can update them instantly as you see fit. It can also automate lead enrichment and lead tracking processes, saving you and your team time on these crucial but tedious processes.

Lead Qualification

Vertify works in partnership with your Marketing Automation Platform of choice to automate the routing of lead score models and data into the right hands. So, sales people have the right leads to target, at the right time, and with the right information to personalize the outreach. Our automation engine turns static lead scoring into dynamic action that results in a better lead experience and more revenue.

Lead Distribution

Once you identify the contacts most likely to become sales, it’s all about putting that extra pressure on them at the right time. Distributing leads to your sales team by hand or making them search through your CRM on their own is a time-consuming process, which is a problem made all the more severe given how critical time is in getting those sales. Any time saved is a good thing, so automating this distribution process is a self-evident benefit. By automating the assignment process and automatically transferring the right team members to the right leads, you significantly speed up the process of moving customers down the funnel, leading to more and quicker sales.

Lead Nurturing/Activation

Once a lead has started down the funnel, it’s important to nurture them to make that sale. Vertify can help with that by identifying your customers’ most significant pain points, as well as what they need and value. With that information, you can more easily construct campaigns that target these factors and incentivize sales. As a quick example, you can automatically send out promotions or deals to those who abandon their carts before the sale, encouraging them to come back and complete the process without you having to lift a finger.

Data Interpretation/Management

Data is only as good as what you do with it, and modern technology makes it simple to get more data than ever on potential and current customers. MarTech says data leads to insights and “insights inform your RevOps team of current trends and how (and to what extent) they can be leveraged to help your business. Ultimately, RevOps is about finding and maximizing business opportunities.” 

When you use Vertify RevOps data automation, you can fully manage and interpret the data you collect more easily. This makes for more valuable data and better results in moving customers through the funnel. Among the many benefits this can have for your business, one of the best is that it makes upselling easier by more accurately targeting what your customers are looking for and putting it right in front of them.

Data Enrichment

While the data you can collect is helpful, Vertify adds to it by automatically integrating third-party information relevant to your business. This ability to combine first party and third party data allows marketing and sales teams to trust their outreach and to get the most out of the data they have. Vertify also preserves your data quality by automatically filtering for poor data points and refreshing your data, ensuring it’s relevant going forward.

Benefits of Vertify Over Native Integrations

While everything we’ve discussed is impressive, some are undoubtedly wondering why the native integrations in their existing systems aren’t enough. These systems are sound, but the Vertify RevOps platform is simply much better. It enhances native integrations and improves them in ways not typically possible, leading to advantages like:

Multi-CRM Integration

The Vertify RevOps data automation platform can be the bridge that connects two or more CRM platforms with your Marketing Automation Platform, and/or your CRM software to numerous third-party applications. With it, you can improve communication between different applications and aggregate their functions in one convenient place. This saves time and makes your software easier to use, with the added benefit of more accessible employee training.

Code-Free Integration

Too often, developers expect their clients to be experts in coding to get the most out of their products. Not so with codeless platforms, which offers code-free integration between your applications. Vertify takes care of everything on the technical side, ensuring that virtually anyone can use our products to improve their sales.

Flexible Customization

Vertify integrates with any existing system or application you need. Not only is it easy to do straight out of the box, but we’re also happy to offer guided onboardings to help get your integrations up and running. We’re continually expanding our library of compatible applications, so if you don’t see your specific programs listed on our site, we’ll figure out what’s needed to make it work.

Sales Results With RevOps Data Automation

After using a RevOps solution, you’ll see the difference. However, if you’re still on the fence, here’s a short list of what you can expect from using this product to automate your lead and data management, integrate your revenue applications, and more:

Churn Reduction

You’re significantly reducing user churn by automating and optimizing the sales process. By removing many of the pitfalls that sabotage sales, you’ve secured far more customers than you would otherwise and have convinced many to come back for more. You can also expect less revenue churn due to things like cancellations, as the ease of use provided by the system means less frustration on the customer’s end and better hooks to secure the sale.

Larger Customer Base

We have found that our customers frequently see around an 85% increase in their customer base within six months of using our service. The benefits of this should be self-evident, but if you need them spelled out, that’s a lot more sales, repeat business, and profit. We also help to manage these extra customers with the automation features discussed previously, ensuring you’re not overwhelmed by your newfound success.

Faster Sales

In addition to more sales overall, we also found that our customers close deals around 65% faster than before using our services. Working in tandem with our last statistic, we make it possible for you to see more customers in the same period. This makes for a more optimized sales process, increased profits, and less wasted time overall.

Vertify Helps Your Business Thrive

Vertify’s RevOps data automation software can completely revitalize your business. From better lead management to more efficient data usage, backed with easy integration with your native software and applications, you can expect more and faster sales the moment you start using it. Vertify believes in our product and its ability to help you, so contact us today to see how we can help you supercharge your revtech.