Data automation and integration for the complete customer data experience

It’s Time Your Sales & Marketing Apps Get Along

Do all of your revenue apps share data to give a unified view of the customer journey? Orchestrating, integrating and activating your apps, even the ones without native integration, is essential and now possible without a single line of coding.

Vertify automates the flow of customer data from any revenue system. Automatically. In real-time. No coding. No technical help. It’s as simple as drag and drop.

The result?

Sales, marketing ops, IT, and revenue ops teams have consolidated data at their fingertips that drives conversations and decisions across your organization. Automating upsell and cross-sell opportunities and prioritization of new sales leads is possible. You get a more accurate picture of your target market, marketing campaign quality improves, and sales teams close deals faster.

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Grounded by the philosophy that all three key revenue teams—sales, marketing, and customer success—should be aligned by process and technology, Vertify provides business automation software that easily syncs, cleans, and curates customer data within existing revenue tech stacks.

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