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Our Product Support Services deliver the best and most timely resolutions to your technical support requests.

Vertify Support helps you get the most out of your Vertify investment.

“Support team was great. Vertify does a great job making sure we have no loose ends.”

- Cala Health

Vertify Product Technical Support is available to guide and assist Customer Vertify Administrators with support topics covering how our product works and how to use our product. Our Support Engineers make it their mission to help you resolve your technical questions through training and guidance using the support materials we have available.  

Additional support materials can be found in our Help Center.

Easy to understand support color codes


Blue Color Code

  • This color indicates you are not experiencing an issue with an existing integration, but instead are asking for help using our product.  This can be anything from modifying an existing integration configuration to setting up a new integration.  
  • Change requests or new project engagements can be initiated using Blue tickets. These will be passed along to our Customer Success Team for scoping and the support ticket will be placed into On Hold status. Alternately, customers can engage directly with their Customer Success Manager as well to bypass submitting a Blue ticket.  After receiving the Blue ticket, our Support staff will make a determination as to whether or not RevOps Services are likely needed.
  • If it is determined a CS engagement is needed, the Blue ticket will be closed once the CS engagement discussion is opened and the engagement and scoping discussion will be handed over to our Customer Success team.

Yellow Color Code

  • This color indicates that your integration is running and data is moving successfully, but an issue exists where you need our help to troubleshoot and resolve, such as an error message you received.

Red Color Code

  • This color indicates that at least one part of your integration is completely down. This usually means that our product is reporting one or more failed collections or movements, and that no data is able to move between integrated systems.  
  • We will make every attempt to help you resolve these types of issues within 1 business day.

Support for every Vertify license tier.



Vertify Support team and Customer Success team will acknowledge the support ticket and start working on fix (within business hours: Monday - Friday, 8:30a CST - 5:30p CST).

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