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How to Optimize Hubspot Salesforce Integration

Several years ago, the Harvard Business Review published an op-ed describing the rivalries between sales and marketing departments. The two functions are inextricably tied, and their ultimate goals are to add to a company’s bottom line. Yet, when sales goals aren’t met, sales blames marketing, and marketing blames sales. A Hubspot Salesforce integration can bridge…

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Magento-Marketo Integration: How It Can Change Your Business

Here’s a “wow” projection: According to Statista, e-commerce will be the leading retail channel by 2022, with consumers forecasted to spend up to $4.8 trillion online. (Take that abandoned shopping cart!) Thus far, this economic boom is driven by a core set of independent e-commerce and marketing platforms. Are you one of the savvy business…

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What Is Hubspot Revenue Attribution (and Why It’s Not Enough)

Determining which marketing efforts are driving revenue and by how much is the godfather offer of the Hubspot Revenue Attribution. And an ultimate goal for marketers. When armed with accurate data, marketers can link marketing efforts and investments directly to revenue, helping them secure budgets from decision-makers. But ROI is increasingly tricky to nail down,…

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Why Data Integration Tools for Salesforce Is a Good Idea

Salesforce now dominates the global customer relationship management (CRM) market with a 19.5% market share as of 2018. However, despite its popularity, it’s not the only data source organizations use to make marketing and sales decisions. There are several data integration tools for Salesforce that work better than its native app integration. Salesforce allows clients…

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7 Benefits of Salesforce and Marketo Integration (and How to Do It)

Want to use one of the world’s best CRMs with the latest rockstar marketing automations platform? A Salesforce and Marketo integration is the way to go. There might be hundreds of CRM options available, but only one reigns supreme. Salesforce is the original customer relationship management tool. It made the industry and is still the…

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SugarCRM Data Migration: The Easy Way

Are you trying to figure out the best method for a SugarCRM data migration? Generating, analyzing, or using customer data is no longer reserved for large companies, IBM, or quants with their own analytical formulas. Almost every business is swimming in it. We’re constantly generating it on our phones, computers, tablets, and now smart personal…

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Choosing the Best Netsuite Integration Platform

The Power of Integrations In a world where business leaders are increasingly dependent on real-time metrics, seamless data integration across all levels of the business is essential. NetSuite users are often forced to look for integration options to meet the needs of their growing businesses, and a NetSuite integration platform is a convenient solution. According…

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Does HubSpot Integrate with Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

The Value of Integrations Too many sales and marketing teams are drowning in inefficient processes. Most of these processes have to do with manual tasks involving synchronizing leads and contacts. The sales funnel follow-up helps companies understand and visualize their sales process and, most importantly, measure their overall conversion success.  This leads many to ask,…

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Best Practices for a Seamless HubSpot/Salesforce Integration

Why are HubSpot/Salesforce integration best practices important? Marketers and sales teams should join their efforts to develop the best customer acquisition strategies. The key to this collaboration is accurate, real-time data that lets them know what actions are working, how to improve their approach, and how to adapt to constantly changing conditions.  If your company…

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NetSuite & Marketo: Integrate to Get More From Your Tech Stack

One of The Best NetSuite Marketing Integrations is with Marketo During the past few years, hundreds of companies have found out one of the best NetSuite marketing integrations is with Marketo. Leading integration technology providers created solutions to integrate lead syncing, personalization, and overall marketing attribution reporting. Some have also assisted with thought leadership and…

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