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Vertify Report: Automations for Marketing, Sales & Finance teams

A data driven report of Strategy + Insights that span marketing operations, sales operations, and financial operations in mid market companies.

Who builds data automations for sales and marketing teams?

Which workflow automations are currently top of mind for marketing and sales processes?

What is the current breakdown of the top automations in use for marketing?

Campaign operations account for 40% of all automated processes in marketing and also grew 287% in the past year.

YoY automation process growth in marketing

Although campaign operations is the top automated process in marketing, leads have been a hot topic over the past year.

  1. Lead routing is the top growing process at 677%
  2. Fast followers: Lead Status & Sophisticated Scoring Logic

What is the current breakdown of the top automations in use for sales?

Sales operations is focused on helping sales teams sell faster and more efficiently, as well as improving the buyer’s experience. It seems automating core sales and revenue operations processes is top of mind.

YoY automation process growth in sales

As with marketing, leads are a top priority for sales with MQL routing seeing the biggest growth from last year at 460%.

  1. More effort is being directed towards helping build a holistic view of an opportunity with deal intelligence growth at 433%.
  2. And maximizing AI and NLP insights for sales conversations is on the rise with 400% growth in Conversation Intelligence.

Who builds automations in finance?

Which workflow automations are top of mind for finance teams?

What is the current breakdown of the top automations in use for finance?

Order-to-cash accounts for 57% of all automated processes. However, per an external market report, last year’s order-to-cash workflow demand was 72.5% of all automated financial processes.

YoY automation process growth in finance

  1. Record-to-report made up 6.6% of finance automations last year.
  2. Growth of usage has grown to 15% in 2022, making it the fastest growing process with 291% YoY growth.


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