Blanchard Finds Success With Vertify

Kerstin Lodman, Director of Marketing Operations at Blanchard, a global leader in leadership development, shares her experience using Vertify to seamlessly connect their Marketo and NetSuite systems.

The Challenge

Blanchard transitioned from Eloqua to Marketo and implemented NetSuite as their CRM. However, these platforms lacked a native integration, creating data silos and hindering marketing and sales alignment.

The Solution

Blanchard sought an integration solution and, after careful consideration, chose Vertify. Kerstin highlights Vertify’s deep NetSuite expertise as a key factor in that decision making process. 

The Results

  • Seamless Data Flow: Vertify ensured smooth bi-directional data sync between Marketo and NetSuite, automating lead creation and opportunity management.
  • Enhanced Visibility: Kerstin gained insights beyond native Marketo capabilities. She could identify unattributed revenue and opportunities, enabling data-driven sales follow-up.
  • Powerful Debugging Tools: Vertify’s unique data mapping interface made troubleshooting effortless. Kerstin and her team were able to pinpoint errors and rectify them efficiently.

Why Blanchard Recommends Vertify

  • Unparalleled NetSuite Expertise: Vertify’s in-depth NetSuite knowledge sets them apart from other iPaaS solutions. 
  • Superior Debugging Tools: Vertify’s diagnostic functionalities provide unmatched clarity into data flow, simplifying problem-solving.
  • Comprehensive Documentation: Vertify offers extensive online resources, empowering self-service users like Kerstin.
  • Continuous Improvement: Vertify consistently enhances its product, adding valuable features and functionalities over time.

Considering Vertify for your Marketo-NetSuite Integration?

Contact Vertify today and see how their expertise can help you achieve marketing and sales alignment through seamless data integration.

About Blanchard

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