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Improving Time to Revenue

The True Pulse of an Organization Let’s place a wager. My bet — you do not have an accurate measurement in place that tells you the time it takes your prospect to become a customer, from first touch (whether it be website interaction, email, event, or digital) to last touch. Would I be right? Perhaps…

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Marketing Metrics: Impact versus Attribution

A B2B customer’s journey, while sometimes simple, is oftentimes classified as more of a complex maze with far-reaching activities. The journey takes place over time and throughout a variety of marketing channels. Because of these factors, it can be difficult to know how to show and measure the impact of your marketing efforts, which is…

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Faster Time to Revenue Means Ditching the Spreadsheet

We know that the average marketer spends 40% of their day collecting and analyzing marketing data from a variety of sources to ultimately organize and build fundamental reports. These are backbreaking and formidable tasks that are further complicated by siloed information. And after all the effort, the results are oftentimes questioned due to human involvement…

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What is RevOps?

What Are the Benefits of Revenue Operations? Create a more predictable revenue funnel while also providing the following benefits: Revenue Operations simplifies the work of marketing, sales, and customer success operations teams to help teams work faster and more efficiently. Better alignment between departments. According to research by SiriusDecisions, this alignment can drive up to 36%…

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Top 5 Marketing Analytics Metrics for the Revenue-Driven Team

In today’s business climate, what does it take to run an effective marketing program that successfully captures the attention of viable prospects and then converts them into long-term customers? Identifying your overall business goals and then tracking the key marketing metrics that align with those goals should be your top priority. After all, if you’re…

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Leverage Connected HubSpot Data for Better Marketing Analytics

The Hubspot integration for Vertify RevOptics provides you with the most powerful way to track and manage the impact of all of your marketing efforts to bottom-line revenue. Visualize revenue generated from campaigns, granular level activities and strategies, while forming a better understanding of top-performing campaigns. RevOptics grants you the ability to break down sales…

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