What is RevOps?

The true sharing of data and analytics across teams for a cohesive revenue strategy…

RevOps is the abbreviation for Revenue Operations. The meaning of the term revenue operations can be explained in many ways. In this article – via Medium, written by Koen Vegter – the definition of revenue operations means the alignment of marketing, sales, and customer success operations across the full customer life cycle to drive growth through operational efficiency. Revenue operations keep all teams accountable to revenue, freeing up departments to focus on the customer. Revenue operations is a holistic approach that is designed to break down silos between the departments dealing with clients.

Revenue operations help the business understand metrics and helps the business with business decisions based on insights that are credible and trustworthy. This helps the business make data-driven and credible decisions.

What Is the Purpose of Revenue Management?

There are several benefits to starting with revenue operations in your organizations. The main benefits include:

  • Better collaboration and alignment between departments. According to research by SiriusDecisions, this alignment can drive up to 36% of your growth.
  • More predictable business performance.
  • Public firms using revenue operations overall outperformed firms that did not pursue revenue operations by a 71% higher performance of stocks, according to research by SiriusDecisions.
  • More focus on the customer and KPI’s by freeing up departments from operational and technical overhead.
  • Simplify the work of marketing, sales, and customer success operations to help these departments work faster.

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