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What is RevOps?

RevOps Stands for Revenue Operations

The growth in RevOps can be directly attributed to the need toalign marketing, sales, and customer success operations to efficiently drive revenue growth“. RevOps is designed to break down silos between revenue teams and to keep every team accountable for their revenue-generating function. Vertify was built for Revenue Operations.

What Are the Benefits of Revenue Operations?

Create a more predictable revenue funnel while also providing the following benefits:

Revenue Operations simplifies the work of marketing, sales, and customer success operations teams to help teams work faster and more efficiently.

Better alignment between departments. According to research by SiriusDecisions, this alignment can drive up to 36% of your net new growth.

Public companies adopting revops outperformed those that did not pursue revops by 71%, according to research by SiriusDecisions.

Vertify Gives You Revenue Impact Analytics at Your fingertips.

Defend your marketing spend and prove revenue impact with Vertify. It was build to be the system of record for RevOps.

“Revenue operations help the business understand metrics and helps the business with business decisions based on insights that are credible and trustworthy. This helps the business make data-driven and credible decisions.”
Koen Vegter