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How Marketing Cuts Through the Cloud

How Marketing Cuts Through the Cloud

As a marketing change agent, you rely on tools and technology to drive growth, improve communication and strengthen decision-making. But your environment is in flux. Here are some key tends and market drivers that may be having an important impact on your world.

Much has been written about the potential impact that cloud-based solutions can have. But how many
companies are truly leveraging the “power of cloud”? Organizations like yours have likely made investments in cloud-based platforms and applications. The focus is now shifting to how organizations can leverage cloud to drive efficiencies, data-driven insights and, ultimately, innovation.

According to Gartner, 70% of CIOs indicated they were likely to change their technology and sourcing relationships in the next two to three years to take better advantage of the “Nexus of Forces” driving change in the marketplace. By “Nexus of Forces,” Gartner is referring to the convergence of mobile, social, cloud and information that has become the platform for digital business in the 21st century.

Clearly, cloud-enabled business are more adept at supporting distributed teams, be they employees, suppliers, customers (or a combination of all three).

Obviously the amount of data being generated by these teams, their devices, and their activities has never been greater. So what are you doing with that data? How is it being collected, stored and analyzed? Increasingly executives are expecting this data to be used to drive strategic business decisions, even in smaller, emerging companies.

Against this backdrop, marketing organizations like yours are rethinking their relationship with IT. IT certainly has its finger on the pulse of your business, but is IT delivering the data-driven insights you need to facilitate revenue growth? More specifically, is your organization gleaning the promised benefits of the investments that have already been made in the cloud-based automation platforms designed to support distributed teams, devices, and departments and deliver actionable data?

Given your role as a marketing operations manager at a growing organization, you are probably in a position to influence marketing technology purchasing decisions and the implementation of your company’s marketing strategy.

You understand that a lack of cross-departmental processes and business rules hampers your ability to support a unified view of your company across marketing, sales and finance. Without that unified view, collaboration across the organization is hampered and performance is negatively impacted. You also recognize the need to break down the departmental silos that keep data locked up. This prevents you from having a 360 degree view of all available data. It leads to latency issues, quality
concerns and, ultimately, questions about data integrity. Yet another concern is a lack of cross-departmental process and siloed data marginalizes your significant investments in best-of-breed solutions. Solutions such as Marketo or NetSuite cannot be as efficient or render exceptional results unless they are able to communicate with each other. This means that you are likely wasting resources on manual processes that drain resources and inhibit your ability to introduce real innovation into and differentiation for your organization.

What if…

You could connect without coding — ensuring all relevant data was integrated across all devices and applications without complex deployment requirements? You could synchronize across silos — automatically updating data without duplicating records or managing spreadsheets at the touch of a button? You could unify your applications — relying on a purpose-built, cloud-constructed solution to align departments, workflows and processes? You could become data-driven as an organization without substantial incremental investments? If these objectives resonate, then you should consider Vertify – an integration solution for critical business domains.

Vertify keeps your data from standing still. Vertify:

Quickly and efficiently moves data between systems, that reveals data-driven insights that can transform your business
without coding, complex processes, or investments in additional analytical tools in a scalable, cost-predictable way — all through a cloud-based dashboard accessible from any connected device. With Vertify, you can.

Increase sales lead volume and velocity. Enhance your marketing system’s ability to produce sales leads and gather sales activity data/ feedback. Build relevance and increase value in the eyes of sales organization.

You’ll make marketing progress and performance visible to finance. Enhance your marketing system’s ability to report and demonstrate performance to finance organization. Build trust, confidence, and support for new initiatives.

Streamline and automate operational activities associated with marketing data management. Eliminate manual,
cumbersome and error-prone activities that now keep you from focusing on what’s most strategic and valuable.

And finally, you’ll realize the full value of your enterprise application software investments. Extend the capabilities of your best-of-breed enterprise applications by connecting and synchronizing them in ways that have a clear business impact.

That’s why companies like yours are partnering with The New Office and leveraging the power of Vertify. With Vertify,
you will glean the benefits of a cloud-based integration platform specifically designed to support the efforts of marketing operations managers such as yourself. Indeed, it has resulted in hundreds of successful deployments enabling industry-leading companies.

You will be the catalyst that will increase sales and revenue velocity while streamlining operations and unlocking the
full potential of your enterprise applications.