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Salesforce Pardot and Vertify Integrate to Truly Validate Marketing’s Impact in Revenue

How can you easily make better decisions on marketing spend?

The answer is through an integrated and automated marketing analytics solution. Marketing teams that can lessen their dependence on spreadsheets are in a much better situation to make defensible and more confident decisions regarding campaign spend and targeting the right prospects. Even marketing or revenue teams whose organizations have Salesforce in their tech stack still have disconnected and siloed data with Pardot which leads to gaps in understanding where marketing dollars are being effective. Whether through native integrations or when using other CRMs like NetSuite, automated analytics make even the best marketing managers more data-driven.

“This allows marketers to drive predictable revenue, eliminate spreadsheets, and automate the entire process without consultants or technical help.”

Marketing Managers and Marketing Ops are searching for more seamless, automated analytics solutions that can extract all data and make it available without the help of additional technical resources so they can measure the entire buyer’s journey. This is why we’re so excited to announce, Vertify can now integrate Salesforce Pardot into its RevOptics platform! This allows marketers to drive predictable revenue, eliminate spreadsheets and automate the entire process without consultants or technical help.

By combining Pardot with data from Salesforce CRM, Vertify provides marketers leading revenue teams the visibility and transparency needed to see the whole truth from their buyers not just what’s in one system. Here are the main values/features of this integration:

  • Marketing Impact Analytics: Tie Programs, Campaigns, granular Visitor Activity directly to revenue especially if you sell multiple products and services. Back up human intuition with science so you can Defend your Spend.
  • Revenue Impact Dashboard: Get access to hard to calculate metrics that not only show how you’re performing but help you improve the results with Data Diagnostics. Report to your Board or leadership team with confidence without endless hours of spreadsheet hell.
  • Unified Customer and Prospect Data: Automatically combine CRM plus your marketing automation platform data without needing a Ph.D. Improve targeting to prospects while increasing cross-selling opportunities to existing customers.

There are endless automation possibilities with Pardot when using a comprehensive data solution that can help to accelerate from campaign to revenue and aligns you better with your sales team. By allowing unlimited users, your Revenue team will be able to optimize the buyer’s journey, measure campaign health, and simplify product and service decisions. For Marketing Managers and Marketing Ops that have Vertify and Pardot at the core of their tech stack, a more comprehensive and easy to use solution that’s integrated and automated does not exist in this ecosystem.