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Time to Replace Bronto: Why It’s Going Away and What You Can Do Now

Time to Transition from Bronto to Another Marketing Automation Tool

In 2015, Netsuite acquired Bronto, the popular marketing platform with a heavy retail industry and consumer goods industry following. But just as you may have hit your stride using the software, Netsuite announced it will sunset Bronto at the end of May 2022. That gives you one year to transition to a new tool, such as HubSpot, Marketo, or Eloqua and get it integrated into your marketing stack.

Why Is Netsuite Retiring Bronto?

According to Martech.org, once Oracle acquired Netsuite in 2016, Bronto’s days were numbered. Oracle already owned Eloqua, one of the leading marketing automation platforms, and Bronto’s market share was just a fraction of Eloqua’s.

Oracle would rather focus its innovation efforts on Eloqua and retire Bronto altogether. If you are a current Bronto user, this isn’t all bad news. Yes, you will need to adopt a new marketing system, but with little Bronto development over the years, you will find other tools offering more modern features and capabilities to help you execute better, more personalized campaigns across channels.

How Do You Transition?

Few people like change, especially when it comes to technology. It takes time and resources to vet a new tool. Even after you land on a favorite, you face implementation and integration hurdles, training requirements, and learning a new system from the ground up.

Fortunately, you don’t have to go at it alone or ask your IT department to devote resources. Instead, many companies are hiring third-party integrators to set up a new marketing automation tool for them and integrate it into their marketing stack.

Vertify can help you with the transition, including integrating your chosen marketing automation platform with NetSuite. Unlike other integration providers that often have limits to what they can connect with NetSuite, Vertify offers the most robust NetSuite integration on the market.

Using our multi-point integration platform, we can connect NetSuite with HubSpot, Marketo, Outreach – any system you use that houses customer data, including CRMs, e-commerce platforms, sales enablement systems, and of course, marketing automation systems.

Why Should You Connect a New Marketing Automation System to NetSuite?

Integration is key in today’s data-heavy world. Businesses run on data, and consumers leave behind data all over the place, but it’s not consolidated in one system. With so much data and multiple systems containing different bits, pulling it all together to get a comprehensive picture of your customers is essential.

Unfortunately, many companies still have disparate systems that don’t share their data with each other. To get any use from the data, you have to log in and out of systems, manually transferring data. Still, you’re likely missing all of the goodness that comes out of a truly integrated system of customer data.

Even if you have some native integrations between systems, data flow doesn’t always happen as neatly as it needs to. Data formatted one way in one system doesn’t naturally populate the same fields in the right way in another system. Instead of gaining insights from all of the data, you get bad data, missing data, and all kinds of other data issues that cause more problems than they solve.

The goal of any system integration is to get your different teams across the business out of silos and working together to achieve common goals. For example, your marketing and sales teams need to work in lock-step to drive faster time to revenue. Both need each other to do what they do as effectively and efficiently as possible, focusing funding and efforts on the right strategies. 

Why Native Integrations Don’t Always Work

If you really want to get the most out of your data, you need to go beyond most native integrations. Vertify provides the technology and the expertise to give you incredible flexibility in what, how and where data flows. You won’t get that with native integrations that provide plug-and-play functionality with little to no configuration capacity.

We created Vertify from a NetSuite consultancy business, meaning we know more about NetSuite than just about anyone out there. If you want to connect with NetSuite, you want to partner with Vertify. You can leave Bronto behind and opt for a new marketing automation system without worrying about how it will integrate with NetSuite.

We will connect any of your existing or new sales and marketing systems for real-time data flow you control. Straight from your portal, you tell Vertify what you want to do, and it takes care of the rest. Need data formatted in a specific way? Tell Vertify, and it’s done. Want data to flow from system X to NetSuite on a regular schedule? Done. We provide the technology, you provide the instructions – and it’s as easy as a few clicks. No technical expertise required.

Go Beyond Integrations

Integrations are a huge part of the customer puzzle, but once you have all of the data at your fingertips, what can you do with it? Typically, you have to analyze it yourself. But we automate that process and make sure you get insights that truly matter, providing data visualization with robust analytics to help you operationalize data in ways most systems can’t.

You don’t have to work from static spreadsheets that depend on manual entries. Instead, our embedded revenue analytics help your sales and marketing teams know if they are talking to the right leads at the right time on the right channels. They understand if their strategies are making a difference when it comes to revenue and customer satisfaction. They can measure how long it takes from the first outreach to realized revenue.

Bronto may be going away, but its retirement presents an incredible opportunity for you to take your marketing efforts to the next level. If you need help choosing another marketing automation tool to replace Bronto, we can help guide you through your options. If you already have one in mind, we will make sure you get it integrated seamlessly with NetSuite, show you how to configure it to your precise needs, and make sure you get all of the analytics you need to make sound business decisions. Watch Vertify in action.